I need a new hobby.

Lately, I have been thinking of taking up a new hobby to fill in my weekends, something more outdoorsy. I have been doing a little reading on the whole drone thingy. It seems to be the rage nowadays. Some of the drones out there on the market, remote controlled that is, are pretty impressive, if not downright expensive. I have also been looking for those drones that can be outfitted with a GoPro cameras for breathtaking aerial shots while flying the drones in and around urban and open environment.

But all these requires significant investment, something that I am quite unwilling to undertake. And I don’t know if I could sustain the hobby in the long run. If would be quite a waste, if I lose interest in it in the short term, letting the drones collect dust.

I thought of getting a GoPro camera and tinkering with it, taking impressive videos outdoors. But I thought to myself; I am not that an outdoorsy person. It’s not that I scuba dive every weekend, or do bike racing, or skateboard or sky dive on a regular basis. If I use it once or twice every once in a while, it would be an underinvestment on my part in using the GoPro.

Photography could be an avenue to spend my weekend outside more often. I used to do photography as a hobby back while I was in school in NTU a few years back. But I stopped it altogether after losing my camera in Amsterdam while out backpacking. Its a huge investment as well and looking back, I kinda under utilized the camera. Besides it doesn’t seem trendy to bring DSLRs around while on holiday, taking photos, where a point and shoot camera and your smartphone can do the trick quite nicely all, pocketable and compact.

I need to think of an enjoyable hobby. Soon.


NTU photo album


I recently selected 40 photos to be developed that best represented my time in NTU. It has been a wonderful 4 years in NTU and I felt that it would be good to search for photos, either from my own collection or through my Facebook photo gallery that would reflect my wonderful time there. As I searched, it came down to 40 photos spanning a period of 4 years.

I bought a photo album, those sticky kinds where you lift up the plastic flap, and then you place the photo and place that flap over it, making it look like it has been laminated into the album. I bought the album that would just fit 40 photos nicely.

I chose those photos, often group shots of my classmates and friends. People who matter a lot to me. People who made a difference in my life in so many different ways, big and small. They are all there, in that photo album. To be remembered always in the years to come. Never forgotten. For they are the ones that mean a lot to me.

I arranged those photos loosely on chronological order, starting with the earliest photos taken while in NTU on the first page, and right up to the graduation photos towards the end. The end result; a story told from my perspective. A story of my life told through pictures with my friends and the events that highlighted the best moments of my life. 40 photos is not enough to tell a comprehensive story, but it is enough to highlight the good moments I experienced in life while in school.  I have tons of pictures, but I had to distil it to just 40. And I think it was a great project to do, now that I have graduated. My friends won’t know that I created such an album. But it doesn’t matter if they know it or not. What matters is that they matter a lot to me. And remembering them is one way to pay tribute to the friendships I have forged with them.

Some of the events covered were my friends’ birthdays, my birthday, sending my friends off at the airport while they went on exchange, freshman orientation camps, various school events my committee organised and participated, graduation, outings and more.

The picture you see above is a snapshot of the final page in the album, commemorating the graduation event.

This is truly a precious piece of treasure that I have created.