Major reshuffling…

Okie, so today SFG’s paper was kinda bad for me. Not bad as in dunno how to do bad, but no confidence in your answers kinda bad. And whats worse, i discovered i made alot of mistakes!!!!

Nevermind… its over, ill pass, but barely, trust me its bad enough. Its gonna get worse, tomorrow, PROTEOMICS. I so hate the module and i dunno if im gonna do ok (not well, just ok) in the paper. Man.. i just cannot wait to let this dreadful time pass by and be forgotten, but i cant accept the fact that doom looms ahead of me. ~ARGH~ Pulls hair~

So a minor update on my industrial attachment. There has been a major reshuffling on who is going where.

To make things short, Daiyu and Gad are no longer going to Brisbane. Considering the recent issues with Daiyu, her Visa and her acceptance to the University, Daiyu will now join Yamei’s group and go to Adelaide, while Gad, will join me and Shi Ming to Perth. So its 3 in a group.

So far other than that it has been going smoothly. We have more or less given the green light to buy our air tickets, settle Visa and accomodation. For my side, me and Gad has decided on the accomodation that my dad’s friend has chosen for us. Although Gad will be in her own room, which will cost more than me and Shiming in a single room with 2 beds, i think we can negotiate on the price a little bit to get a better deal. The accomodation that we have chosen can be found here. Hopefully by tomorrow i can get Shi Ming’s confirmation to accept our reccomended lodging and i can start booking the place for 2 full months. (yeah baby…)

And hopefully tomorrow we will settle the flight, date and time of departure, so that we can buy our own individual tickets.

Tentatively, though not confirmed, we will be flying off on the 9th of September, 2 days earlier, thats a saturday so that we can settle down and get to familiarise with the place abit, like how to get to the university, where to eat, where to shop, where to partaaaay!! (nah.. just kidding) We will be taking flight QF72, the morning flight, departing at 9am reaching at 2pm. I pray we can settle this by 31st of August, because Qantas Airlines is having a promotion!


The Waiting Game…

Second paper, Drug Development was okay i guess. Despite my lack of concentration in studying 2 days prior, i think i could have done better if not for the fact that i have to wait for a very important message from one of my lecturers. Damn that multiscale approach question was a tough nut to crack. Ah.. its over now.

So here i am waiting for an important message. But still nothing. With that, we still cant buy our airline tickets, and get our Visa done. I hope i get the news asap. Anyway, we were researching the flights of Qantas, and i realised that Qantas flies twice a day, everyday from Singapore to most cities in Australia. For perth, it will be flight 72 and 78.

72 departs at around 9am and arrives at arond 2pm, while flight 78 departs at 7pm and arrives the next day at 12 midnight. Since theres only 2 choices, its obvious that the former is better.

But the problem is we dunno the exact date in which we have to depart. So we cant do anything except sitting ducks. The waiting game is frustrating…

That aside, i came across a particularly unusual encounter on my way home.I was on the mrt train, It was crowded and upon arrival to Yishun mrt station, this big burly english guy entered the train. He was standing diagonally behind me on the left side, and i noticed he was making this strange burping noises and he was like panting all the way. And there is this faint sweet musty odour about him. That smell was familiar to me but i couldnt recall at that time. He kept on burping and making deep sighing noises, like he cant breathe or something.

Then it hit me. I instantly recognized the odour. IT WAS THE SMELL OF ALCOHOL!! Every breath he made was reeking of ALCOHOL! I took a sideways glance at him and my god…. for once i was worried. He looked like he was about to puke. UGH~ Being in a crowded train, i was right next me from behind and i had my bag on my left side. when i saw his condition, i was like praying feverishly…. please dont puke please dont puke.. not my bag.. please!!

I was highly fortunate that my stop arrived, and before i alight the train, he took a vacant seat and he was sooo drunk! He looked like he was about to crash!

Now why would he get drunk in the evening and board a train packed with passengers?

Oh by the way, Pluto aint a planet anymore. So now we have 8 planets. Thats history in the making. At least you have something to say to your grandchildren, on someting significant that happened in your life.

~2050  Where the borders between cyberspace and reality is non existent and google is still powerful ~
“Ah boy ah… you know ah… that last time got 9 planets, but during my time it was downgrade to 8”


“Goooooooooooogle it”

Confirmed! But where?

Well, i got the big news a couple of days ago. Yeap, AK smsed up to update out resumes and told us that our overseas attachment applications has been more or less confirmed. Though he didnt say where we will be posted to, but i guess, he will have a meeting with us to discuss in greater detail.

Man… im excited, but abit worried as well. Having to expect the unexpected and being resourceful in a foreign place, thats really not my forte. On the other hand, im quite excited to be own my own to a certain extent and for me, its a journey of self discovery on how well i can actually handle and take care of myself on my own, without the clutches of my ‘rents. Its really an interesting notion to test youself as well.

But not forgetting the true purpose on going for an overseas attachment, it is to gain knowledge and experience over there, and its something i will never forget. Once im there, ill make a personal daily reminder on my true purpose her and will use every moment there to get the best out of it.


As for my revisions, oh im screwed alright. After the news, i just couldnt concentrate as well anymore. The exams are indeed coming and its strange that i dont feel the urgency of it. Looking back, i haven really done much an by this point of time, i should start to worry. Ah well, i dont think ill do well for the exams, i sense a really bad vibe this time. Proteomics and SFGs are a pain in the ass to revise, much less look at the notes!

Concerning Revision

Some of my classmates were asking me to email Mr William How on what to study for his topics in MBID. Well i did, and it seems that he is out of office till the 16th of August i think. So i guess, we have to wait for his reply.

I wasnt that blatant in the email message that we wanted were clear cut tips on what to study for his topics. I just simply asked him on what to focus on and what are the things that we should anticipate for his topics, since we didnt really have a chance for a proper revision before the school ends.

Now that wasnt so bad right? I was so tempted to write in the email, “May we know the tips for your topics?” If i had done that, i think i might not get a reply after all. So right now, looks like we just have to wait.

As for the rest of the topics for MBID, ive written notes today and almost finishing up. Ill be using the notes for revision, but ill use the books for study. Heh, if that makes sense at all.

Ill be doing abit for Drug Development as well. 3 books, a case study and journal paper wrapup… sheesh, thats alot. Now i wonder if i should pay alittle more attention to this module? I didnt have any trouble in the past regarding Drug Development but it seems that there is a lot to study. Oh well, perhaps ill just read a little first and when the time comes, ill go full speed. Im worried about my SFG though, not a memorable module to say the least, so ill need to start on that right away. Proteomics a bit shaky, after what happened during the common test. Bugger…. I fear that there is a lot to memorise for that topic. Of all the modules, proteomics is THE module that im most dissociated with.

Why? Well lets just say… it wasnt really… brought forward to me that well.

Tomorrow tomorrow fun evening i garner. Eating out with friends. Im so psyche.

Thats alot of work to be done…

Wow, i cant believe i spent several hours today just to update some stuff on my other blog,

Its my anime database that i just set up online, so that i can keep track of my anime collection and for other to read my own personal review of all the animes that i have watched thus far. Yes yes… im an anime freak, otaku whatever…

But i just realised that updated this massive database takes alot of hard work!! I have 120 anime titles in my collection and to have 120 pages for each title is a daunting task! Thats not all, i have to write a short review on it, take 10 random screencaps of the anime to briefly show what that series is all about and create a unique title banner for each title!

So simple math, if i want 10 screencaps per title, that would lead to 1200 screencaps that i need for all the anime titles i have!! So far ive done animes in the alphabetical order As and Bs, and mind you, those screencaps are all taken from my collection. I have to manually sift those episodes to get a decent screencap.

Well, so much for animes, i must keep in mind NOT to spend too much time on it at any rate, coz my exams are around the corner. Oh well i was supposed to start my revision today, but then again, plans can change. Tomorrow it is. Gonna start on MBID, and write notes on vaccines. Yeap, a big AK Question and spans multiple chapters and journal papers.

Lastly, here is the pic of the “graduation poster” that we drew on the whiteboard in school: