5 more days to ORD

It’s been 4 yeas in the making, and finally I get to officially say that I am ORDing. After disrupting from NS to continue my studies in NTU, I haven’t gone back to serve my remaining 40 or so days of NS during that four year period on summer break. Not until I completed my entire studies did I actually went back and serve.

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Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day

This afternoon I went to the Pan-Pacific Hotel, where they held the Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day. Having gone through a similar seminar and exhibition that showcases UK Universities, it was another fruitful day learning about the postgraduate courses on offer from several Australian Universities.

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Final Year Project

After my attachment in Perth, Australia, the large missing gap in my entries of this blog was largely attributed to the Final Year Project. A 3 month project that i did in school, with my partner. We were given a project title my Mr AK. We were suppose to investigate the expression levels of TGF beta 2 in breast cancer cells.


The project was mainly cell work and ELISA, since we needed a large amount of cells grown in tissue culture flasks for the different treatment conditions that were set up to determine the levels when subjected to them. It was a really boring affair, day in and day out, we did nothing but cell culture and maintain the cell lines everyday, for the majority of the project, till we had enough.

There were several setbacks that we encountered during the project, such as unhealthy cells, contamination, cells not growing well etc. Its really frustrating because toward to end, it was a really stressful period. To get the results, tabulate them, and write comprehensive report was a daunting task to meet. But we made it, despite all those setbacks. Though we didnt get the expected results, we at the very least managed to use these results and write a pretty good conclusion. In the end we got an A for the project.

The good thing about the project was that, despite it being routine, we were able to come and go to school as we like to an extent. Growing cells takes time, and the preparatory work can be pretty brief. Therefore most of the days we spend less than 4 hours in school each day. Almost everyday we would come to school at or 10 and finish at 2. Though it wasnt allowed as stated in the school rules pertaining to projects, our supervisor were pretty lax about it. The reporting time was supposed to be 9am and you can only leave at 6pm. Our supervisor was very understanding because it would be a waste of time to just rot in school doing nothing while waiting for the cells to grow. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for the cells to grow by the way.

Our routine became the envy of our classmates, who werent allowed to go off any earlier than the rules stated. At first it seemed that our project would never be finished and we would be left writing a half completed report with little to no results. But in the end, we realised that other project groups faced a similar predicament.


Lastly ive uploaded the full 50 page report that we did on the internet. You can see it HERE.