Retouch My Body by Jackie Beat

You know how hot Mariah Carey is in her recent mtv, Touch My Body. Well lets look at the other side of video, and look how UNhot Jackie Beat is in this humorous video:


Dual monitor test setup

So i was pondering on what to do with the old LG lcd computer monitor that have been laying waste in the living room. Obviously no one wanted to used it after i upgraded my computer with a 20 inch monitor to boot.

So i decided to plug the old 17 inch monitor to my current computer setup and it looks kinda sweet. Now i have lot of extra workspace i can use for messengers, browsers, and other productivity software, all spread out evenly on 2 monitors. It looks kinda uneven, since one is a 20 inch widescreen and the other is the 17 inch normal screen monitors. Adding to the already cramped computer desk, i had to relocate my Creative Soundworks and my Playstation 3.

I still havent decide if i want to keep this kind of setup permanently. Obviously i would not want to use it all the time. I’ll only use the “backup” monitor if i need to use my computer and ps3 at the same time, or i need more space to work my stuff on. The wiring is still super messy, as well as the front of the desk, riddled with my wallet, phone, watch and notpads strewn about.

Here is a small little teaser:

Catherine Tate comedy.

Ever since a friend of mine, Angeline recommended me a bunch of humorous comedy from Britain, i just couldnt stop finding more clips of Catherine Tate.

Catherine Tate is a British comedian and actress. Her humorous comedy sketches were nothing short of extreme laughter when i first watched it on youtube. There are a many clips out there but i can show you 2 of my favourites.

The first one is Catherine Tate as a translator, translating to 7 different languages. I cant recall when was the last time I actually laughed that loud when watching a video clip.

The second one is a series of comedy sketches, with Catherine Tate portraying a school student together with 2 of her friends.

I just love the way she said, “Am I bovvered? Look at my face. AM I BOVVERED!?” “Issit?” “All Right” and among others.

Adverts… at all the wrong places.

Was surfing around the web when i stumbled upon and it just made my day.

You’ve always known that ads, be it on the TV, film, posters or just anywhere else can be a powerful marketing campaign for a product or service. But just look at these adverts and moreĀ  when they are placed at the wrong places!

I dont recall Yanni being that sexy. Maybe just his moustache, but i cant be too sure about that.

Those two ads could potentially complement each other, but definitely not in that way.

Oh the irony!

Garbage-flavoured ice-cream anyone? that girl certainly loves it.