31st of July was the day of my convocation. After 4 years of study in NTU, I finally get to graduate. And graduate with a second class upper division. I am truly happy right now. I not only achieved my goals I set out at the beginning of school when I first started out in NTU, but also managed to have a meaningful and fulfilling experience as well. Truly, tertiary experience is one of the most exciting and memorable life experiences I could ever have in my life. I am truly grateful for all the good things that have  happened to me. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to live out the life full of wonder, satisfaction and amazement. The friends I have made are some of the most interesting and truly inspiring groups of people I have ever met. I am truly honoured and humbled to be friends with them. I will never forget them. Ever.

I posted this on Facebook on the day of my convocation and have since gotten a resounding round of approval from my peers;

This is it. Today is the day. Today is the day I officially graduate with a degree. The closing of another chapter. Tomorrow, a new chapter begins. A blank slate. How I write this chapter is completely up to me.

It has been a long road to reach where I am right now. It began with a single step. But the journey doesn’t end here. I will have to take that first step again to reach my goals. A new road. The road to happiness and success is a long one. I will be lost. I will encounter roadblocks. I will need to make u-turns along the way. If there is one thing I have learnt about making such journeys, is that it is never a straight path. One thing is for certain; never stop walking. No matter how long I take, so long as I don’t stop, I will reach my destination, eventually.

The people that I have known, my family, my friends, and the people that I will meet in the future, they are there to show me the way. But it is I who will have to make the effort to walk the road to happiness and success. And I will never stop walking till I find my own.

As for this journey today? I have reached my destination. I have found my own happiness and success.


It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

A friend of mine commented this on my facebook status, after mentioning that I finally achieved my goals I set out for myself when I first started school in NTU. That goal was to achieve at least a second class upper grade at the end of my four-year journey in NTU. And I did achieved it, at the 11th hour, after the final results for my FYP grades were released.  The grade that I gotten for my final module, was enough to pull me up to achieve my goals. I am ecstatic. Truly I am.

And what my friend mentioned, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” couldn’t be more true. Before I decided to do my FYP, I was so close to achieving my second class upper. But I wasn’t there yet. FYP was my last ditch effort to increase and pass that elusive 4.00 threshold that would deserve a second class upper standing. I told myself, this is it, this is the final chance for me to do my very best, pull it up one last time. After that, there is not more chances in changing your grade. So I chose to do FYP instead instead of an internship, where you merely get a pass/fail grade. My decision was probably the best decision I have ever made in so many years.

And the day came when the results were out. Which was today. And lo and behold! My GPA increased! I really did achieve my goals at the 11th hour. It was a close shave, one last push, which I did not take it for granted and the efforts really paid off. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. You should never know the outcome till everything is over.

I have a lot of people to thank for. Particularly my mentors and supervisors who helped me along the way in my FYP. I definitely have to write a letter of thanks to them tomorrow, telling them how grateful I am for rendering lots of help along the way and for playing a crucial role in achieving my goals.

Christmas, a time for giving and sharing, big and small

Presents aside, Christmas is more about giving presents. Its more than just gathering together as a family or a group of friends and enjoying the day together. It is about being happy, not just for yourself, but for others too.

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Cherish those moments

There are moments in life where everything feels so perfect. Everything falls into place. The feeling of sheer happiness and bliss that you wish it will never end. The feeling where you feel cherished and loved by the people around you. I felt that a couple of days ago. It was one of my best moments I had with someone. When you know that for that short moment, that person acknowledged you for you who are, accept you for what you are and you feel like you can put your absolute trust in that person. All your sadness and sorrow just disappears when you are together. You feel like you have known this person for a long time, yet it felt just like yesterday that you finally get to know that person well enough to be called a friend. It was a wonderful feeling. My only regret is perhaps not knowing that person earlier.

What do I really want?

After much thought and the events that happened to me today, I feel that I should rewrite my New Year Resolutions, and create a new set of principles in life to guide me through 2011 and beyond. Two events happened today that forced me to rethink and rediscover what I truly want for 2011. Continue reading What do I really want?