More pictures Unearthed

So i was scouring through my computers harddisk, and i must say i suffer from a chronic illness. I’m a hoarder of the 21st century. Thats right, i just love to save stuff in my computer, mostly junk and never delete them.

And i found 2 rather interesting things (of all things numerous)

this is another class photo that i got. It was a long time ago.

And i have no idea why i had this. Supposedly our top secret classified…. soccer tactics…


“Graduation” Pics are up!

So these are the photos that were taken during our so called last day of school. we took photos in the lecture theater that we have been using for the past year, and the tutorial rooms that we will definitely miss in the future. Enjoy!

Preparing the whiteboard with our graduation message and graffities

Posing as a class for the last time (for now) together with the whiteboard.. and why is that footwear dangling on my head?!

Our last “Squeeze” in the elavator which can only fit 20 persons, but i think theres more. One of the crazy things that we do as a class. Great angle by the way, and im not even in the picture.

As a class in one of the lecture theaters that we have been using

Surprise surprise same lecture theater, just more to the right. How creative is that?

Speaking about class photos its been a long time since we took one. I wonder if i have the previous class photos….

Pizza Hut Madness

Since yesterday was our last day of school, a group of my friends decided to celebrate a little bit, amidst the exam period. We went to Suntec City, after school, about 2pm and ordered 1 large pizza and 2 regular ones. We saved quite abit, because it was during lunch time and there were student offers available. It was just nice for the 6 of us. And the pizzas were great.

After that we walked around the mall, wrecking havoc in carrefour, and Toys R Us, making a fool of ourselves. It was fun overall.

Todays lecture was probably the worst ever. Revision on proteomics were just so boring and she just blurted everything out from what we have learnt, rather than what we should be focusing on. What a great tip.

We then took photos of the class as something to remember, since we are leaving on our separate ways soon and we might not see each other again as often as before. We have a tight bond as classmates, though we dont show it, its there. 3 years full of ups and downs, no doubt we went through A LOT in such a short span of time.