Officially ORD

I collected my pink IC on Friday. I have officially ORDed. Although the exact date falls on a Sunday (14 July), I got the chance to do the necessary paperwork to declare the end of my National Service, a total of two years. The collection of my pink IC signified that I am no longer an NSF, but an NSman. It has been more than 5 years in the making, after having to disrupt my NS to continue my studies and going back to service to serve my remaining 41 or so days.

The past five weeks have been one of the most memorable moments of my life. The experience I have gained is tremendous. The friends I have made, priceless. Just when you thought there is nothing much left to learn in NS, it was a whole new ballgame when I was thrust into becoming a Section Commander for a bunch of recruits fresh out from Tekong. The recruits are now my one and only group of recruits under my wing, and they have become part of something special to me. My other fellow section commanders, I am now part of a brotherhood, forging friendships so strong that I never believed it to be possible within just five weeks.

Now, just barely a day after saying goodbye to them, I sorely missed them. If I had to serve a longer period after completing my studies and going back to NS, I would definitely would have stayed on and continue working with them. I feel honoured to have known them, as I have learn a lot from them that you can never get from books, or from school. They have allowed me to pause and reflect on life , made me understand what it is like to be a better person. To rise up to the challenge, to push yourself against the boundaries of your comfort zone, with help along the way. These are the things I experienced daily while I was there.

I hope to see all of them some time in the future, wherever it may be. These group of guys are truly special and one that I will never forget in my life.


5 more days to ORD

It’s been 4 yeas in the making, and finally I get to officially say that I am ORDing. After disrupting from NS to continue my studies in NTU, I haven’t gone back to serve my remaining 40 or so days of NS during that four year period on summer break. Not until I completed my entire studies did I actually went back and serve.

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My undergrad days are numbered

Official date of my convocation ceremony: 31st July 2013.

My undergrad days are numbered. After spending 4 years in NTU, it has finally come (once again) to begin a new chapter in my life. A chapter, full of uncertainties, where even the author doesn’t know where the life story will lead to at the end of the day. Nonetheless, looking back, I have few regrets. My life as an undergrad is full of good memories, one that I will never forget.

It’s been fun and eventful. I made so many friends along the way. I have grown to be more open to other people. More receptive to them. I have grown to be more comfortable to basically anyone I have met. They helped me grow throughout my four years in NTU. They make my life so wonderful, so full of joy and happiness, that it makes me sad that I have to move on with my life, as with the rest of my friends and their own lives. But good things still happened nonetheless, one that I will cherish for the rest of my days.

You only get one shot to live your live to the fullest as an undergrad. And in my own little ways, I have lived that kind of life. I am eternally grateful to have known some of the best people and filled my life around them. There is nothing but goodness in them, and in turn, that goodness filled me, making me a better person. I hope in turn I have filled them with nothing but goodness. I hope I have made an impact in their lives, just as much as they have made and impact in mine. Though they may never know how much some of my friends have truly made an impact in my life, at the very least, I will try my best not to forget them and hopefully pass it on to another person who I will meet in the future.

Dr. Carmella’s guide to understanding the introverted

A comic strip, drawn by Schroeder Veidt, summarises the characteristics of an introvert and how to deal with them. It is a very interesting piece of comic strip that illustrates how introverts behave around people, their characteristics and how to understand them better. As an introvert myself, I agree with what is being mentioned in this comic strip and I can relate it to easily.

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Summer holidays are over, the start of a new semester once again.

After almost 10 weeks of summer holidays, a crazy orientation camp that culminated in the forging of new and lasting friendships, the start of a new semester is now upon me once again. Continue reading Summer holidays are over, the start of a new semester once again.

Year end reflection and New Year’s Resolution

I cant believe that another year has passed by in a flash. I have been so busy in the second half the year that everything seems a blur. I feel like its only yesterday that I just ended my last semester, going on a vacation to Turkey, going through FOC and then starting a new semester all over again.

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