Master in Science Communication

I got accepted! A few weeks ago, I got an email from NUS saying that I got accepted into the Masters programme! I went for the interview and it now I finally got accepted! Everything is going so fast. School will be starting in January 2017 and will last two years, since I am taking the course part-time, working and studying at the same time.

I need to review important dates that I need to take note, like course registration, matriculation and other administrative stuff before school actually starts. I do not want to miss any important stuff regarding the course.

2017 is shaping up to be pretty exciting!


Interview for my Master Programme

A few months ago I applied for a Master’s degree programme in NUS. It’s a Joint Master’s in Science Communication between NUS and Australia National University. Just yesterday I went for an interview after being shortlisted for the programme.

The interview went ok. It was held in some recreation room in the School of Science building and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I was interviewed by a panel of professors and they asked general questions about educational background and the work I am currently in. They also asked me how this course would enhance my work and future career in research and science in general.

I was nervous heading to the venue. But once I reached the holding room to wait my turn, I managed to calm down a bit and had a little conversation with another person in the room. She was also shortlisted for the course and was awaiting her turn to be interviewed. It happened that she is a teacher of 7 years and that she recently completed her part time degree course at the Singapore Institute of Management. I was quite amazed at the fact that apart from being a full time teacher, she managed to have time to take up a full fledge degree course during her remaining free time after work. She told me it was really tough juggling work and school at the same time, much less for 4 years straight. What amazed me even more was that she had the ambition to further her studies, just like what I am doing right now, still having the energy to take up another 2 years of study to complete this Master Programme. She took a break for about a year upon completing her part time degree before applying for the Master Programme. I respect her deeply for her tenacity. Being a teacher in Singapore is quite stressful and you are expected to work long hours, beyond just simply teach. I hope she gets into the course. She truly deserves it.

A place at Imperial College London. My thoughts.

Four weeks after sending out my online application to further my studies at Imperial College London, I received an email from them. They have made a decision. Continue reading A place at Imperial College London. My thoughts.

Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day

This afternoon I went to the Pan-Pacific Hotel, where they held the Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day. Having gone through a similar seminar and exhibition that showcases UK Universities, it was another fruitful day learning about the postgraduate courses on offer from several Australian Universities.

Continue reading Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day

2013: A year of change

2013 is just around the corner and it is time again for me to draft out new year resolutions for 2013. I haven’t given much thought about it yet, but what I do no well is that 2013 is gonna be a a huge year for me. It is going to be a year of change. Drastic changes in my life. 2013 marks the end of my school life as I know it (maybe temporary), the start of finding a stable job and perhaps a career, and perhaps maybe something different altogether. Preparations that I make in 2013 will determine my life in the next 10 to 15 years as I have slowly come to realise it. I think that if I do not prepare for my own future, then I will definitely waste on the opportunity to get the future I want. Therefore, it is now very important for me to, in addition to doing the normal stuff that I have been doing, I also need to put effort to really prepare for my future. So from now till 2013, I need to think really hard and start planning what are the things I really need to prepare.

I have always been slow to flourish. But i never stop trying to achieve that state.

Endless notes

So I bought 7 or so new folders to store all my new notes for the upcoming semester, and i think its unsustainable. I have 2 waist-level shelves bought from IKEA and I feel that it is already reaching its limit. Those shelves are meant to store my notes from school neatly, since I usually buy the ring binders from Popular and neatly store them according to modules. But every semester, it would fill up the entire shelf space. I have 3 more years to go and I have already used up 2 of the available 6. I just dunno where to store them next.¬† Theres so many notes to print every time. I already have to resort to printing double sides to save paper and potentially save space, so that i can fit an entire module’s worth of notes on one ring binder. Its such a waste to throw your notes away. After all, it might be useful in the future and a number of the notes are really good. Some are extremely informative and it makes certain concepts easier to understand, without resorting to finding a textbook for the information you want to find.