One month impression of the iPad Pro 11 inch

So it has been more than a month of using the iPad Pro 11 inch and despite the screen issues that I had when I initially bought it, I managed to get it replaced free of charge within the week and everything is fine and dandy. I am pretty sure that the replacement iPad Pro is a brand new one, since it came in a plain cardboard box that is sealed, but I am not complaining if it is refurbished. I practically cannot tell if it is brand new or refurbished. It looks brand new to me and I am not going to complain.

So far, using the iPad Pro is fantastic. The device when used as a media consumption device, is terrific, probably overkill since the iPad Pro has a super powerful processor inside that is meant for cpu intensive tasks like photo editing and video editing, tasks that I have never done on my iPad Pro. But still, the experience of using the iPad Pro for reading and watching videos is second to none.

I read stuff on my iPad Pro a lot, and so texts are crisps, scrolling is buttery smooth and the overall layout in whatever I read is perfectly aligned and easy to navigate, apps like the NYT, Washington Post, National Geographic, The New Yorker and many others makes reading on the iPad Pro a joy because of the apps that are streamline to take the experience of reading articles on the device that much more pleasant. Coupled with the fact that the iPad Pro is pretty lightweight, means that holding the device for a hours on end is not an issues. I experience very little fatigue holding the device for extended durations while consuming content on the iPad Pro.

I have had no regrets getting the 11 inch model over 12.9 inch model. I believe for my use case, the 11 inch model is a better fit. Using my device in public places like while commuting in the train to work is not an issue for me on my 11 inch iPad Pro. It’s light and big enough without looking too pretentious using the bigger version. I believe that If I were to get the bigger version, it would have been too big for my use case. If I were an artist, and have the capability of using the iPad Pro to draw and use it as a creative device, then the 12.9 inch model would have been a better use case. But no, I read a lot on my device and the 11 inch model is not too big for my liking.

Battery life is amazing. It sips battery at simple tasks and is able to perform admirably smooth in more demanding situations. App switching is seamless and have no issues with the amount of RAM that comes with the device.

I find the Smart Keyboard folio that I bought along with the iPad Pro a joy to use. Typing feels amazing and accurate. Despite what some reviewers say about the keys being too mushy, or the feeling isn’t right because it is wrapped in some kind of cloth material, I have zero issues with it whatsoever. I am typing this entry on my iPad Pro, with the Smart Keyboard folio and have no problems typing accuracies. I am pretty sure that I would have typed just as fast on my mechanical keyboard on my main PC rig as compared to the Smart Keyboard folio.

The added peripheral just adds value to the overall functionality of the iPad Pro. With the keyboard, I not only consume content, but I can be more productive in creating content, typing documents, journaling, blogging on the device. The only minor complain or suggestion that I would make in making the keyboard more attractive to use would be to have backlit capabilities. That would have been a useful feature to have in situations where you type in dark lit places.

The mobility of the iPad Pro, coupled with powerful specs and a keyboard makes this device one of the ultimate portable device I have ever used. Apple’s iPad have come a long way since its inception in 2010. I believe that now, only the software is pulling back what the iPad is truly capable of. And I hope that future iOS upgrades will make fundamental changes in how we interact with a device such as the iPad Pro that will take the functionality of the iPad a miles ahead of its competition (assuming there is any competition at all)


Got my iPad replaced.

It was a painless experience. After I got the call from Apple informing me that they had the replacement unit on hand, I went to the Apple Store the next day. I approached one of the staff and they checked my credentials. Sure enough, they had record of the expected exchange. Within 15 minutes someone came to me with a brand new iPad Pro.

I looked. I hope its new. It came in a sealed brown box containing just the iPad. It was shrieked wrap and I had the privilege of unwrapping the iPad for the second time. I wiped my old iPad and gave it to the staff and just like that, the transaction was done.

Soon after I went about setting up my new iPad in the same process as before. I went to one of the empty table and a chair and took my time setting up the iPad and downloading all the apps again. Thankfully, there weren’t many apps for now and re-downloading all the apps didn’t take too long thanks to the speedy wifi provided free in the store.

I hope that everything is ok with the replaced version.

iPad Pro display issues

This morning as I woke up and started using the iPad to read today’s news, I noticed a peculiar green line running across the display of my new iPad Pro. I have been very happy with my purchase so far and been using it with great satisfaction. For some odd reason I did not have the usual buyer’s remorse when buying an expensive device. Probably because I used the sales proceeds of my MacBook Pro to get the iPad Pro. It may sound like a downgrade since the MBP can do so much more, but for me I really want to explore what I can potentially do with the iPad Pro outside of the traditional keypad and trackpad set up.

Every aspect about the new iPad Pro just screams quality. Then, this issue cropped up. It was annoying. I don’t know how it appeared or why it suddenly appeared or what caused this razor thin green line to appear on the display. You can have a look below.

Can you see it? It runs right smack in the middle!

So I spent a better part of my Sunday afternoon (which could have been spent on something more productive by the way) trying to contact Apple support and see if I could schedule an appointment with the support staff at Apple Store. The good news is that chatting online with the support staff was incredible. He were responsive and patient, and he fully understood what the issue was. The bad news is that I have to go down to the Apple Store and make the exchange. The even more bad news is that the appointments were full and then if you walk in without an appointment, you might be queued and had to wait for a couple of hours to be served. Hours wasted.

But it had to be done. And so I did. I went down and waited patiently till my turn came and then told the staff the problem. The problem was straightforward; hardware issue, needed the entire device to be replaced, meaning a 1-to-1 exchange. And considering that this is a newly launch product, and that I gotten the product mere days ago, most likely it will be exchange with a brand new set.

But then again, alas since this is so new, they don’t have readily available stocks for them to make the exchange, and so they had to put one up on order, which according to them, will take 3 days at least, after which, I can head down and perform the exchange anytime after that.

I won’t be heading down during the weekdays, even after work this week as I had to focus on my presentation for my course. The last activity before graduation. So I will be doing it during the weekend.

But the funny thing is: The thin green line isn’t persistent. It goes on and off intermittently. And now after hours of using it I don’t see the green line anymore. So I am starting to wonder if I may have jumped the gun and declared my device defective a little too early. Is there such a thing as letting your electronic device ‘warm up to your touch’, and ‘season’ you device and making sure to use it thoroughly for a couple of weeks before declaring it useless?

I hope the exchange process is smooth and painless. Although I have backed up my data on this iPad to iCloud, but the thought of waiting for the apps to download and logging into my credentials on all the apps seems… a little troublesome. Not to mention downloading all my content stored within the app once again. And I hope I don’t get a refurbished piece. I know its only fair to get a refurbished set, when I am giving up my own used set for the exchange, but I just got this device brand new. And this thing just came out a week ago. So, a brand new set would be great. Just sayin’!

I got the iPad Pro! (And saying goodbye to my MacBook Pro)

Today, I took a major leap. I took the plunge and went ahead in buying the brand new iPad Pro. I bought the 11 inch, space grey, 256GB model from Challenger along with the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. I am planning to use this device as my main mobile device. I have already sold my MacBook Pro 13 inch model from 2017 on Carousell for about the same price as the iPad. So it wasn’t really a loss. Although the Smart Keyboard is crazy expensive, but it is essential in ensuring that I remain productive while using the iPad Pro. All in all, I just had to top up just a couple hundred dollars. I don’t see myself using the MBP much, since I have already completed my study. The motive behind getting the iPad Pro is mainly getting a portable device more suited for content consumption and perhaps inspiring me to be creative, now that I have already graduated. I may have plans to get an Apple Pencil to perhaps one day learn how to draw using the iPad.

This morning I went to the store to check out the new iPad Pro. They also had the 12.9 inch version. Both sizes were fantastic looking. I had a pretty hard time choosing between those two. I love sheer size of the 12.9 inch version. Everything is big and immersive, especially when you surf websites filled with beautiful pictures and typography. You feel so much closer to the content that you just don’t get it while using a traditional PC or a notebook. But after comparing both sizes, I had to be practical. The 11 inch is a more suited for someone who carries their iPad along wherever they go. While the weight of the 12.9 inch is not heavy, the 11 inch is definitely more compact.

The keyboard was important for me. It should not be too small for me to type on. I was pleasantly surprised that the key distance between the keys for the 11 inch version was not too near to each other. The overall size is perfect for typing. That seals the deal as I needed both portability, and keyboard ease of us. If it were otherwise, I would have gone for the 12.9 inch version. Plus, its cheaper overall without compromising on performance. Both model carry the same A12X bionic chip, with equally long battery life and identical screen quality and PPI density.

I was glad that the store had available stock for the type and model that I wanted. I plunked down $1688 at the counter and I went straight home to set my iPad up. Setting up was easy, as I set it up as a new device.

The first thing I noticed when I switched on the iPad was how gorgeous the screen is. Apple increased the screen size from 10.5 inch in the previous version to 11 inch by extending the screen to the edge. Though not as extreme as the iPhone X’s screen edge goes, the bezels are noticeably smaller. The curve round edges makes the whole device really slick and refined. It is incredibly thin as well.

Next up was playing music. My god the speakers are a world apart from other mobile devices currently out there. Four stereo speakers, two on each side, the bass is deeper and low frequency sounds just reverberates through the chassis of the iPad. Stereo separation is now better than ever, even on the 11 inch version. It is now a joy to watch and listen on this device. Apple has really done a terrific job in the sound department for the new iPad Pro.

This is the first time actually having an iPad Pro, and the 120 hz screen makes every visual animation smooth and silky. Coupled with an incredibly power processor, snapping between apps is fast and fluid, which makes the fast refresh rate screen really shine.

The Smart Keyboard Folio that I bought together with the iPad was surprisingly comfortable and

tactile. I wasn’t initially a fan of the overall build quality of the keyboard, since the keys are covered in a cloth-like fabric, but the tactile feedback is surprising tight and key travel is better than I expected. The size is perfect, without having any issues pressing the wrong button at the wrong places. I was a little hesitant about getting the 11 inch version precisely because of the overall keyboard size. But after trying out at Challenger store, I was convinced and remained convinced that despite looking small, the size of the keyboard makes it comfortable to type on. The experience of typing on the bigger keyboard attached to the 12.9 inch model offers little differences. You simply have to stretch your fingers a little bit more to reach the keys. It’s still a comfortable keyboard. Anyone with larger hands or longer fingers will appreciate the extra space afforded by the 12.9 inch version.

I haven’t had the chance to test out the camera, but no doubt, it will be as good as the latest iPhones out there right now.

So these are some of my first impressions about the new iPad Pro. I am very excited to explore what I can potentially do with the device in the near future. This iPad Pro is very powerful and no doubt it will last me for a very long time. I am very optimistic about the long battery life that Apple has touted it to be. I will look forward in using this device for hours on end, watching movies, Netflix, YouTube, typing documents and just surfing the web.

As for AppleCare+ I have 60 days to decide before getting one. At this point of time, I am leaning toward getting AppleCare+ for the iPad Pro. I will be using this device for a long time to come and the accidental repair cost (up to 2 instances) costs $68, instead of a potential out-of- warranty repair cost of $888. I think the cost of the AppleCare+ is $168, which is relatively cheap as compared to one that covers accidental damages for the iPhone X series of phones.

I will be giving additional updates as I go along, using this device.


I have often believed that my house is jinxed. Whenever I express interest in replacing an old device, gadget or home appliance, and start to look for the next available option on the market, somehow, by ways that cannot be explained, the old and current item would start to break down. It is as if, these appliances and gadget around the house somehow have eyes and ears and know when they are getting replaced. Armed with that knowledge, they would revolt and protest, either by refusing to work or not work as optimally as it should.

This was what exactly happened to me last night. I was in the market to sell my current MacBook Pro that I bought in June 2017. Now that I have completed my studies, I have little use of the laptop. So I decided to sell it and use the proceeds to get myself an iPad Pro (which I did today as of writing this. I am even writing this entry on my new iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard Folio. First impressions on the iPad Pro coming up soon).

So I started listing my MBP on Carousell, which is like our local eBay. And sure enough within a couple of hours, I had an interested buyer. So as we finalise on the deal and where to meet and naturally, I would reset and reformat the MBP so that the new owner can set it up using his credentials and making it officially his. For some weird and unexplained reason, the whole process went haywire.

After wiping the SSD of my laptop, I could not reinstall the OS. I tried so hard looking for a solution to the problem that I gave up at 3am despite having to wake up early for work the next day. It was perplexing. What should have been a routine process or wiping the SSD clean and reinstalling the OS to a clean slate became a night of torture! And I was pressed for time because me and the buyer decided to meet the next day!

So I had no choice but to call Apple Support and secure an appointment with one of the authorised Apple Service Center. And because of that, I had to take an emergency half-day leave so that I can make it to the appointment in the afternoon in the hopes of rectifying the problem before meeting the buyer in the evening.

I was there for at the service center for close to three hours. Thankfully though it wasn’t a hardware issue and the staff was kind enough to waive the service fee because the problem was minor (although it did took a while to determine why the problem occured in the first place). I would have been devastated if I were forced to part my MacBook Pro at the service center to get the parts replaced and pay for the parts replaced when I was about to sell it off. My returns on the device would have been diminished severely, making the whole enterprise and money losing scheme (not that I made a profit anyway, the proceeds was just enough to cover the cost of the iPad that I purchased on the same day as the scheduled appointment).

So yeah, harrowing 48 hours of trying to get my MBP a clean slate so that I can sell it off to a buyer without incurring additional charges of parts replacements that would have better gone in funding for the iPad purchase.

In the end, everything turned out well. The problem was software, not hardware, it was fixed within hours and I still had time to head home, set up my new iPad Pro, have dinner before driving down to meet with the buyer.

Trying out the new Gutenberg.

To iPad or not to iPad?~Unknown~

According to WordPress, the Gutenberg aims to create a more feature rich WordPress blog. Right now as I am seeing it, the user interface looks totally different, one that requires a little bit of getting used it. It actually reminded me of WIX web builder.

So back to the topic at hand: Should I get the new iPad Pro?

And if so?

What size should I get?

The 11 inch or the 12.9 inch? 

For the past couple of days, since the announcement of the new iPad, I have been contemplating on whether to sell my current 13 inch MacBook Pro. My studies have reached the end. I will no longer be attending classes or doing any assignments. I am even terminating my Office subscriptions. I am not sure if this is a wise decision, but my main motivating factor of selling my notebook is the possibility of doing interesting things and maybe pick up a skill or two while using the iPad. The versatility of the iPad, coupled with amazing apps, I could possibly pick up drawing skills, language skills or just about anything to improve myself and learn something. Now that I have more time, I’d like to explore that possibility. It’s a bold step, especially when I have grown so used to the Mac ecosystem with the MacBook Pro at its center. Will I use the iPad for years to come, or will it become a white elephant in the room?

The real possibility that iPad could just become a white elephant in the room. Unused, unloved, a waste of money in the end. 

To prevent that, I will need accessories. An Apple Smart Keyboard is important, as it will be my main portable device and it is a form of input that I’m quite familiar with. I am on the fence with the Apple Pencil, since I am not an artist. But then, not getting the Apple Pencil just defeats the purpose of getting the iPad. Didn’t I just tell myself, that the main purpose of the iPad is to improve myself by learning new skills? And isn’t drawing a skill that is legitimately made possible by the iPad?

And then there is the matter of size. 12.9 inch looks awesome and will feel just like home since I am so used to the 13 inch MacBook Pro. But bringing it out in the public will make me feel like an obnoxious person.
“Hey look at me! I got a giant iPad and I am using it to play Candy Crush!”

The 11 inch screen would be perfect to bring it out, but will it be a downgrade in terms of real screen estate and productivity? I still would very much like the extra screen to typing and writing stuff, hence the priority of getting the Smart Keyboard over the Apple Pencil. And all these accessories

cost money!

Two weeks with the iPhone XS Max: It delivers!

It’s been two weeks since I had the iPhone XS Max delivered and in the midst of all that, I had to serve my annual ICT. It happened right after receiving my new phone. I decided, after much trepidation to just go ahead to make the switch to the new phone and use it during my annual ICT. And guess what: It delivers.

Despite going outfield, being exposed to the elements and all sorts of sweat, grease and everything in between, this phone truly delivered, being able to function well despite the less than optimal conditions. I had a peace of mind knowing that this phone is both dustproof and waterproof, and in the case of rain, of slipping the phone in a puddle of water, or being exposed to dusty environments, this phone will continue to function normally.

I have to mention however, that I did use a UAG case to further protect my phone from accidental falls or slips. I also, for the first time in a long time, added a glass protector screen to prevent any scratches on the screen due to sand and dust as a result from being outside in the middle of the jungle exposed to the elements.

So far, its been working great. The extra screen real estate is a welcoming feature, making watching Netflix and Youtube videos a great joy.