My exam is almost over…..

My exam is almost over…..

In another few days, exams will be over! But its only mid-year. I still have to go through the ordeal.. Prelims and the big “O”. Life is sure fast. Its already May and i feel like i havent gone through March yet. The ironies. Sometimes when you have so many agendas, so many activities and you dont have time to reflect, time whizzes past you like no ones business. Small oppurtunities that come and go were never taken, because we are so caught up with our routine. Well, What can i say…. its 10 am in the morning and ive just woke up and now im eating Uncle Tobys Energy bars for breakfast.I like to have a heavy but quick breakfast. An example would be energy bars! It give you energy all through afternoon and you wont feel hungry fatigue and it comes in small packages! 5 minutes is all you need to eat that tiny bar. All the natural Goodness! Vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Okok Enough. Im getting out of point here.

Anyway, looking back at my performance for this mid year exams, I dont think i would be achieving 3As as ive set my goal for this exam. Maybe 1 would be it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

By the way, yesterday the winner of the american idol 2 was Ruben Studded! He’s quite good, but i prefer Clay Aiken to be the winner, he has a solid voice and can sing a range of genres. But most importantly, both of them have recording contracts and will be making an album for themself soon. Im gonna buy Clay’s album. The votes yesterday was soooo close! Its only like 13000 votes apart! Its the closest votes in history of american idol. Well, Two Thumbs Up for American Idol and im looking forward to the next installment of the programme. Next friday, The Amazing Race 4. That reality programme has been my personall favourite. I just cant wait to see the what has been installed for the contestants. I wonder where they’ll travel this time round. Well, you have to wait and see!


Sunday blues

Sunday blues

Ive nothing much to say anyway. Today’s group study was an utter failure….. again. Its nothing new. Its been like that since the past month. Only me and and aaron turned up for the group study. Jun Chong god knows where, Zadilah last minute change of plans and Uma lost in action. Cant blame anyone anyway….. mothers day. Today im not inspired to write much. Nothing interesting has cropped up lately. Haizz….. The Sunday Blues…. Im now listening to Savage Garden. I was digging through rows and rows of old cds and some new ones and came across Savage Garden. Great album. Inspirational songs. I still love the band even though the band has broken up. Well well, gotta go!

An Analysis of my Academic Performance

An Analysis of my Academic Performance

Can I really get 5 A’s for My GCE ‘O’ Level Exams? Im taking 6 subjects and my goal for my Second Language is a C6, the rest an A. Can i really get all A’s?

My parents told me that they’ll give me anything i want if i were to get all A’s. They have kept their word and its ultimately my choice whether i want to achieve it or not. Realistically speaking, im not a veeeery diligent or a hardworking student. My maths and English are above average, but not enough to get an A. The foundation of these 2 subjects has been somewhat ok. As i said, my parents will give me anything i wish for, ANYTHING!!.
I managed to achieve all A’s, this are the list of things that i want:

A Pair of Oakley Sunglasses.
A Pair of Oakley Shoes
A New Set of High-end Computers, my choice.
A New Handphone
Home theater system for the hall
Plasma Tv for the hall
A new wardrobe
A holiday

So far, these are the things that i want if i were to get all A’s. But i dunno. The problem is that i dont want to go to a junior college. I fear that if i were to get such a good result, not only i will get a wide range of courses to choose from but also pressure from many sources, telling me to get into a J.C. but i dont to. I just wanna go to a Polytechnic, take a bioengineering course, get a diploma, go ns and off to a degree far from here. I want to take my education step by step. I want a more practical approach to education, instead of books and notes and the endless lectures.

What do you think? Can i achieve my ultimate goal?


respect (HONOUR) noun [U]
1 politeness, honour and care shown towards someone or something that is considered important:
You really should treat your parents with more respect.
She has no respect for other people’s property (= She does not treat it carefully).

2 when you accept that something which is established or formally agreed is right or important and do not attempt to change it or harm it:
In their senseless killing of innocent people, the terrorists have shown their lack of respect for human life.
She grumbled that young people today have/show no respect for the law.

3 when you accept that different customs or cultures are different from your own and behave towards them in a way which would not cause offence:
She teaches the students to have respect for different races and appreciate the diversity of other cultures.

Respect, another foundation to the formation of friendship. Yet, it is also another important word and principle that i hold on to.

Whether it is respecting your parents, your family, your privacy, your elders or your friends, it means the same thing, to show care. In terms of friendship, it is one of the basic foundation. Respect goes in 2 ways. You have to treat your friend respect in order to get the respect you deserve in return.
Once respect is established, other factors are added in. Trust, companionship, reliability, dependence, and a sense of comfort.

It is good that you treat your friend as a unique individual. It means that they way you behave in front of your friends, the way you talk and the response you give must be unique to each individual and suit his or her needs. Meaning that the way you talk to friend A is different than the way you talk to friend B. If you manage to do this, your friend will feel comfortable in his or her comfort zone and he or she does not have to adapt to your style of communication. He or she will feel special and talking to the person.

It’s good to tease your friends once in a while, but teasing has its limits. Make sure your friend feels fine after a good tease and make sure that he doesnt take the teasing too seriously, after all it is just plain fun, no harm done. Make sure that after a good tease comfort him or her that you are not betraying him and make sure that he or she still has that measure or respect for you before and after the tease. Instill confidence towards your friend that you can still be depended on your friends.

Darn! Exam is coming!

Darn! Exam is coming!

Its 10.30pm. Im off to bed soon. Ive got exam tomorrow. Yeap, its the mid-year exam. (GROAN)Anyway, mid-year exam is pretty crucial to me coz this year is my final year in secondary school and ill be taking the Cambridge GCE ‘O’ level exams in november. That exam will determine my future. There is only 2 possibilities… make or break. I intend to make it and make it to the fullest and make i will!! Im treating this mid-year exam as a guage to where i stand in my academic performance, how much effort i have to put in to the respective subjects. Tommorrow will be the first paper of English and my second language. Then the real exam week will come the week after.

Well, ive got nothing to else to say, just wishing myself good luck for the exams and i hope that ill do well and get first in class again. (im not a nerd of anything, its just that…….. im me….. I can hangout like punks and skater boys if i want to mind you!!!)

Ive been getting alot of visits recently to my journal. Whoever it is…. thanks for your support. Ive never had this many hits before. And since im getting a lot of hits, im thinking of subscribing. I dunno, i dont have money right now. maybe in the future.


Never been so stripped in my life.

Today was horrible. So many bad things happened in school today. Stuff that i just simply couldnt put into words. Im exhausted after coming back from school and i still couldnt believe what has happened today. It just went so fast.

Our accounts teacher was mad at the whole class and was sent downstairs, out into the open space, under the hot sun to meet our discipline master. What happened was that most of us did not complete her homework assigned to us when our teacher wanted it today. So what she did was to send all of us downstairs. She was just about to leave the classroom when some idiot clapped and did a standing ovation just as the teacher left the class. Insolent Fool! She heard the clap and shouted at the class to ask who was the one who did it. No one admitted and thus all of us went down. Insolent Fool! we got a lecture from the discipline master. Since i was the only prefect in the class during that time, I was forced to tell everything what has happened. And so i did. I told everything what happened and what made the teacher so mad at us. I stood in front of my whole classmates while explaning it to him. I felt betrayed, so betrayed and so scared. Luckily i had the confidence to explain everything (since i was trained) and talked normally. But in my heart, it was terrible, i was terrified. Im so scared as what to say next, how my next words might put my classmated in danger.

The whole incident went on for the good 10 minutes under the hot sun. The student who did the clapping finally owned up and the discipline master shouted at him for a while before he shouted at us, telling us that we are the worst Express class he has ever seen, calling us idiots and fools. God! i felt so bad! Ive never been afraid in my life! so stripped off!

Some of us were told to go back to class, including me and as i went back, I just couldnt stand it! The burden inside of me. Being the only prefect in the class, being the only one who could explain everything to the discipline master, being responsible for everyone in class!
I just cannot say anymore!



Today ive got nothing much to say, though i have one good quote to share with you guys, its about character:

“People are like teabags. You have to put them in hot water before you can know how strong they are.”

Pause for a moment and give it some thought. I find that particular quote quite amazing and extremely meaningful.