I completed my studies at NTU School of Biological Sciences in 2013. I graduated with Honors in Biological Sciences. I am now working as a Research Officer, at the Institute of Medical Biology, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.

This blog is a combination of all the entries I have kept online from various sources for more than 10 years. The older entries were imported from other blogging websites, making this a rather lengthy blog. To keep on writing about my life for more than 10 years is quite an achievement for me.

The earliest entries were about my life when I was in secondary school. I started writing an online journal because I was undergoing a rather tumultuous period, juggling school life, extra-curricular activities, friends and family. It was rather fortunate that I found an avenue to let off steam through writing. This took place during 2002-2003, when I was secondary 3 and 4.

2004 to 2006 were my Polytechnic years. Those were some of my best and geekiest periods of my life. I studied at Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Chemical and Life Sciences.

2007 to 2009 were my National Service years. After graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic, with a Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology, I got enlisted to serve my National Service. I never really talk much about what happened during my NS period. Main reason being that I barely had time to write and I stayed in camp for most of my two years while in service.

2009 to 2013 were the highest point of my life. Things were going well. Those were the years I spent at Nanyang Technological University. I made a lot of friends, did a lot of silly stuff and the adventure never ends.

The entries in this blog are usually not edited after being written down. Punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors are rampant. Grammar nazis out there, apologies in advance if I don’t sound very coherent in my writing.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG”

  1. Hi! Wow, can’t believe I met someone who’s in the Science field and also imports anime. I was looking for the Mushishi Starter Set pictures when I stumbled into your blog. Thanks for putting up the pic! Now, also patiently waiting for my Full Metal Panic Complete Collection and FUMOFFU Collection to arrive. 😉

    Btw, I’m currently doing Biological Science in NTU. Now going into Year 3 this August. See you around. 🙂

  2. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

    Joel Houston

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