Let the Singapore Arts Festival begin!

Today marks the official opening of the Singapore Arts Festival. Being 30 years of age, it has really come a long long way. What started as a few arts events in the 70s has now spawn in to an almost month long affair, with great arts performances from all over the world, big and small of all kinds, to stage plays, gigs, contemporary dance, to music.

The ‘opening ceremony’ took place at The Padang, so me and a bunch of my friends went to have a look. We had dinner at Food Junction at Raffles City Shopping Center and headed down about 5 minutes past 8. The official ceremony, which consisted of a circus-like performance spearheaded by a Spanish performance troupe, La Fura Dels Baus started at 8. Obviously we were late, but it didnt matter because as we approached, it has already started and we could see what was going on from a distance.

There were fabulous acrobatic displays. A large metal wheel were suspended in midair with a number of people inside the wheel, performing acrobatic dance moves. After that, a large number of people were suspended in midair in a number of rows each consisting of about 5 or 6 persons doing synchronised dancing while suspended in midair. For me it was a godsend, because we came late and we were worried that we might not be able to see the performances, but since it took place in midair, above everyone’s heads, it gave everyone a chance to witness such a great performance and were deeply satisfied in catching abit of the action. Though it was short, it was a good experience.

I expected the ceremony to take place like well into the night, probably past 10pm, but it ended an hour earlier that our expectations. Nonetheless, it ended with a big bang. The best part was a fireworks display with music accompaniment. It almost felt like we were watching synchronised fireworks or a musical fountain display. There were quite a number of people gathered, but we could see the fireworks display in plain view.


One thought on “Let the Singapore Arts Festival begin!”

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