Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End OST

So i got to listen to the official soundtrack of the movie as part of the sneak peak, just to get a feel of how the movie is gonna be like when it comes out. So far i heard that the premier went really well and that the movie has generally been well received from the press.

Composed by Hans Zimmer, he is reknowned for his great composing and has composed music for a number of blockbuster and award winning movie titles such as Gladiator, The Lion King, Rain Man, Pearl Harbor, The Prince of Egypt and many many more. He even made an appearance in the Japanese Anime scene, by producing tracks for the hit series, Blood+.

I was quite surprised when i saw the track listing for the OST. Track 2 is entitled “Singapore”. Could it be that this track would be played when they reach Singapore? As most of you know, a portion of the movie would involve travelling to Singapore, meeting Chow Yun Fat, who is supposedly a pirate as well, to steal or demand a map under his posession that would ultimately lead them to Captain Jack Sparrow.

I noticed that its track number 2, so i was assume that this particular scene would be early in the movie. It would be exciting to know how Singapore is portrayed in the movie, since its very rare that Singapore is mentioned in Hollywood, let alone portrayed in a movie, with Singapore as its backdrop.

Go ahead and listen to the full track by clicking on this link, and you’ll know roughly what to expect.


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