Refresh Singapore’s History in 5 Minutes.

I watched a video clipped that featured Hossan Leong singing a really creative song about the history of Singapore. I laughed my ass off for its frank and direct lyrics, touching on various issues that Singapore had faces in the past, present and future. Now, an animation team this person by the initials of NCH85 has created an MTV from the songs and incorporated really cool animations to illustrate the song. To those who wish to know a general inside of Singapore, watch this clip. To those Singaporeans out there who havent watched the video, this would serve as a good history lesson revision for you guys.


One thought on “Refresh Singapore’s History in 5 Minutes.”

  1. hahaha…The cartoon version is cute~ I first watched it on youtube but it’s different. It’s the live record of hosan leong singing and dancing in the parliament…You can check it out, just search “Mr Brown Show”. ( Anyway here’s the link’s ) Hahaha i think this video allows you to feel the atmosphere there at that time.

    Maybe you wanna check out this one too. A “national song” sung by Dick Lee. ( )

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