TV Tokyo TV Schedule (somewhat)

I was looking through the various TV channels that are broadcasted in Tokyo when i came across TV Tokyo Channel website. TV Tokyo is one of the broadcasting channels that specialises in anime broadcasting. From there I came across TV Tokyo Anime website and i was greeted with a flood of overflowing imagery of various animes on my computer screen. This is what i saw:

Essentially, the whole screen is just pack full of info of the various animes that are currently on air. You feel almost like each series is competing for webspace just to garner the surfer’s attention. Click on the image above to go to the website.

Then i was kinda interested to find out the TV schedule for the channel, since im going to Japan and it would be exciting to watch the animes on its primetime slots. It took a while for me to find it, since i cant really read Kanji at all, just bits and pieces of hiragana and katakana. But eventually i got some info on some of the series that i have been following.  Hopefully, from what ive read, it had not misread it.

Most of the animes are shown during evenings and after midnight, Tuesdays to Sundays. Click on the title to know more about the series. Click on the image to go to the official website. Do take note that these are local timings. Let’s take a look:


D. Gray Man – 6.00pm to 6.30pm


Kiss Dum – 1.00am to 1.30am


Overdrive – 1.30am to 2.00am



Eyeshield 21 – 7.00pm to 7.26pm


Bleach – 7.26pm to 7.55pm


Nagasarete Airintou – 1.20am to 1.50am


Gigantic Formula – 1.50am to 2.20am



Gintama – 6.00pm to 6.30pm


Naruto Shippuuden – 7.30pm to 7.59pm

Koutetsu Sangokushi – 2.15am to 2.45am



Gurren Lagann – 8.30pm to 9.00pm


Hayate no Gotoku – 10.00pm to 10.20pm


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