What? No Minutes to Midnight special edition?!

So today was the official release of the new Linkin Park album. Its been several years since they released a new album as a group. The promo single, “What I’ve Done” is pretty cool to begin with especially when its great to see them back as a band and doing their stuff. I’ve listened to the whole album way before it was officially release (leaked on the internet) and overall, the band still retains its unique flavour, but still manages to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Anyway, im not here to review the album. I went down to HMV today and behold, just on time at 6pm Singapore time, the albums were all nicely laid out on the shelf. Lots of them. They offer cool stuff as well, such as a poster, or a wristband or even a special T-shirt. But all these arent free and you have to top up a couple of bucks to get the stuff you want. When i reached there, i began wonder. I see all the normal edition CDs and i began to remember: Weren’t there limited edition albums that comes with an exclusive DVD on release as well? So i checked with the counter staff, and they told me that all they’ve got was the normal ones. Thats strange… I usually thought that with an international release of such album, the limited edition would be available as well.

I was so wrong and very disappointed. They were no limited edition albums anywhere as far as i know at this point of time. I checked out a number of places other than HMV. Sembawang and those other smaller CD shops were only selling the normal edition ones. Are the limited edition that special, that they only sell in certain countries? I hope not or else ill have to get on Amazon again.

In the meantime, do enjoy the music videos

Full the full song, click here.


3 thoughts on “What? No Minutes to Midnight special edition?!”

  1. I went to HMV today to get the album. When I was walking around looking for aother album, I saw the special edition CD for minutes to midnight. It was to the right of the metal/hardcore section..In front of the escalators.

  2. I have it. I’ve read it it was only availible in the USA and the netherlands -god thank I live in Belgium. It was pretty expensive but worth it!

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