Fugly Naruto Opening

Ive never really complained about the naruto openings or endings that ive seen so far. They are visually stimulating, upbeat and really nice to watch. But sometimes the music that accompanies the opening or ending sequences sucks, and it just ruins everything. Let me give you an example of a rather good opening sequence. I dont quite like the song, its very amateurish, but it has a nice vibe to it.

Second opening in its original form.

Now what happens if you mix fan drawings, with amateur animation? You’ll get the fugliest Naruto opening sequence ever! Same song, same visual cues, with a little ‘nice’ touch up. This will certainly make my day, ANY day. Sakura is fat whore.

You know, you could actually do a frame by frame comparison here. Just load up the 2 videos by clicking play to let it load. Then play the original clip at the top till the front message clears and then play the second one when the music starts. The first half of the clip looks strikingly similar, then its deviates a little bit at the end. But still its remarkable that the pace and the sequences are nicely aligned, and kept to the timings.


One thought on “Fugly Naruto Opening”

  1. Eh, that was like damn long ago leh, that OP!!!
    when naruto was still the idiot boy that he is, and sasuke was still around!!! ahhh… the memories! lol!!!

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