Spiderman 3 personal review

Just came back from an evening session at the cinemas, watching Spiderman 3. Its a little late to write a review, but ill give a short one. Overall, i really liked the movie, as with the previous installments. A pretty good mix of action and drama (though i feel its more sided towards the drama side), you get to see Peter Parker’s character mature in the third movie. The relationship between Mary Jane and Peter deepens and that is where it get complicated. There are certain aspects that the previous movies did better, as well as some aspects that really made the current movie shine.

the opening sequence, as always is really really well done. Not only do you have the opening credits, you also see stills, images of the past 2 movies in sequence, showing it as a way to give a brief summary of what happened before, so for me, it really sets the pace and the mood for the movie, as everyone’s mind would be refreshed and in tuned as to what would be going on.

In regards to special effects, this is by far in my opinion, the best that ive seen amongst the 3 spiderman movies. The introduction of Sandman and Venom, adds a new layer of complexity to the special effects. There was one particular scene relating to Sandman that really shines in this department. Right after Flint Marko stumbled upon an area full of sand where they did experiments on it (particle physics experiment), he was transformed to become sand and being able to control sand at his will. Just after the experiment ended, you will see him trying to take into a human shape using the sands around him. At first, it was difficult for him, morphing into unrecognizable shapes for a few moments, sand flowing like water, till he slowly learned how to make him whole again. There will be scenes where his hands will take shape, before being blown against the wind, and then he will try again till he is able to. That scene was my favourite. Special effects wise it was really well done, the sand looks pretty believable and real. But what strike me most about that scene is that, the scene focuses more of the emotional and physical struggle that Flint Marko has to go through during that few minutes of taking shape. Instead of having a fast and bombastic transformation from sand to human and then walking away from the location, i like for the fact that it extended the scene, showing him struggling to take shape, failing and struggling again, only to find the will to succeed once he saw the pendant that he was holding, with a picture of his daughter. I also like the part where he stretched out his poorly formed hand, struggling to reach for the pendant in desperation, before the hand crumbles again. That emotional aspect of it is really beautifully done. Not only you get to see the special effects, but you get to appreciate why its done this way, which is to simply put, to show that he is still human.

Venom was really well done, its fluidity and a sense of sentient being with a consciousness can clearly be seen and was depicted really well.

In terms of action, it was a little bit disappointing. I expected much more, longer action sequences but it falls short to my expectation. Nevertheless those actions sequences in the movies were top notch. I really like the crane crashing onto the building action sequence. I was really heart stopping action but it was kinds short for me. The final showdown between venom and sandman, against Spiderman was alright full of action, so that i have no complains.

Storywise it was well done for me as a whole. It really wraps it up all the three movies. Loose ends are tied up, making a complete trilogy. I cannot comment too much, since im trying really hard to not give any major spoilers to the story. But one thing i dont quite like that the way it is being told. For me, i feel that the story was very fragmented, advancing this part of the story, and then going onto the next, before coming that to the previous story. It has almost little connection or a sense of connectivity between the plots and the advancement of the story. In that way, i feel that the story was somewhat muddled and wasnt very compelling.

So all in all, it was a very good opener to the summer blockbuster season, but there are some aspects that were not on par with my expectations.


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