Mika Nakashima

Though I’m not a big fan of Mika Nakashima , due to the fact that her voice is more suited for jazz/blues kinda songs, and those two genres arent really my cup of tea. With her rather soothing, smokey voice, its rather unique amongst the other Japanese music singers out there right now. Of all the songs that I’ve sampled from Mika Nakashima, there are only 2 songs that were exceptionally well done in my opinion and brings out her quality vocal.

The first one is entitled: Sakurairo Mau Koro (When the Cherry Blossom Colours Dance). It was her 14th single, released 2 years ago. Its a heartwarming song about love. Its a very simple song, with just her voice a piano accompaniment, and some strings accompaniment. The reason why i like this song is because her vocals really stands out in the forefront and you quickly realized how beautiful this song is. Adding to her soothing and slow paced singing, it brings the emotion of the song. Though it didn’t hit the charts when it debuted, it peaked at #5 on the Oricon Charts.

The other song was featured in a rather popular anime series, Blood+ as an ending song, entitled, Cry No More.

It has a very gospel feel to the song, with background chorus rising to its climatic volume toward the end of the song, but then again, it has really simple lyrics, her vocal was exceptional. Its not a fast paced song, but rather laid back, kinda slow and relaxing. When i watched Blood+, im quite surprised that her song would be featured in Blood+, considering that the anime is rather violent and dark. But then i understood the reason for this. It actually reflects the true nature of the main character, Saya in the series, as a kind, timid, and understand person. The ending song emphasizes these qualities, making it a perfect song choice. The opening songs however are the total opposite.


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