Settlers Cafe

Gosh, what a fun evening! 6 of my classmates including myself, went to Buona Vista to head to Settlers Cafe and had fun playing loads of board games.

Settlers cafe, like Pit Stop, and Minds Cafe, is a unique cafe, in a sense that you can have food and beverages there, and play loads of board games with your friends as well. They have a shelf full of unique and exotic board games, and its a great experience to play with your friends games that were never seen before. Its a pretty good place to go and have fun, without forking too much money on it. On a whole, it cost about 2 bucks per hour, per person. Excluding drinks and food (if you plan to have there) its a worthwhile investment to spend good quality time with your friends, families and loved ones.

Here are some of the games that we played, though we played more reaction games as compared to board games. I cant really remember the name of the games already heh šŸ™‚ The first one we played was this bridge game, where you have to cross to the other side of the board game by building bridges. Along the way, challenges by your mates will be met, and you must outwit them to get across.

We played a couple of other reaction games where we have to shout “ugly ugly ugly” if you are trying to snatch cards on the table and your friends are also snatching the same cards. Once you see three of the same kind of cards only then you can grab them. It was a really fast and noisy game. Full of screamings and shoutings.

Then we played “Apples to Apples

We also played this childish dinosaur game. You have to capture the cards on the table by using the rubber sucker thingy. You have to get the correct dinosaur in terms of its colour to redeem a card.

We played a couple of other games as well.

It was my first time in Settlers cafe, and overall i think it was a good experience. The waiters and waitresses knew the rules of the game well and they explained to us in a really clear manner. The food was okay, nothing fantastic. I still prefer the desert from the Mind’s cafe that comes with the set meal better than the Settlers Cafe. The ambience and the environment is slightly better than the other outlets ive been too. We were a group of 6 and were entitled a huge table to ourselves to play the games. I would definitely come back again one day and try out more sophisticated board games. There literally tons out there on the shelves, and the number of session I’ve been to, it’s on the tip of the iceberg.

Overall, we had so much fun, that everyone was drained and tired by the look of their eyes.


One thought on “Settlers Cafe”


    oops. simply great place. great ambience. great games. great food. great drinks. and lastly, great crowd *winks*

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