NTU driveby

I had no plans today, so i decided to take a peek into my future campus, NTU. I went for a driveby and i was pleasantly shocked at the size and the rather isolated location of the campus. The university is big! There are so many residences and apartments for foreigns students and such. It took a while for me to find my school, The School of Biological Sciences.

Located near the NIE building, id say that the building is pretty new and modern. I like the design of the school and I’m kinda excited to start my university life there. Imagine all the rather new facilities the building has to offer, and its a fitting design, after taking into consideration all the high tech research labs and stuff. It’s not as nice as the Biopolis but at least it has a nice surrounding environment to it. But i wont be starting school right away. I still have to serve my NS for 2 years then ill be enrolling in 2009. Ive already reserved my spot when ive finished my NS.

Im aware of the fact that bus transit services are available to take you from one part of the university to another part of the university, but i what i didnt realize is the fact that the campus is so big, you have to depend on the bus just to transport you to your intended destinations. I never expected it to be this big, till the point that it can be quite exhaustive if one were to talk from one end to another end of the campus. Im not sure about this, but it seems that the academic campus, are concentrated in more or less a particular area of the university, while the residences are spread throughout the campus. So probably if you were to live in a dormitory, your dorm might be at the other end of the campus, and thus you need to take a bus to get there. I can only speculate at this point, because i only did a quick driveby and i didnt really step out of the car to explore on foot. Furthermore,  i think it was my first time that ive ever stepped into the university grounds itself.

Ill be coming back again, on the 6th of May, invited by the School of Biological Sciences to get to know more about my chosen course. I hope this would be a great opportunity to take a look around the buildings where ill be studying.


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