China Food Fears Go From Pets To People

Came across an article on Washington Post regarding the safety standards of the food manufacturing industry in China.

You have probably read the a number of scandals and news headlines on various food safety issues in China and how it is affecting not only humans and animals as well. For example the recent scandal involving infant milk, which has no nutritional value, causing the babies to be malnutritioned. Many infants died as a result of that. On the home front in Singapore, just a few days ago, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) immediate suspended the imports of salted eggs and centuries eggs from certain establishment after it was found that these eggs, originating from China, contain a banned additive. Its called Sudan Dye. It has been known that Sudan Dye can cause life threatening illnesses in the long term in humans. Sudan Dye is introduced in the eggs, to enhance the visual quality of the eggs, increasing its value.

Other countries reported similar cases, and has banned the import of certain food products outright, after having found banned substances, excessive use of pesticides and antibiotics etc. China, being a number 1 exporter of fruits and vegetables really need to step up with comprehensive health and safety regulations pertaining to agriculture and food products. Not only that, they need to implement, and implement effectively. Is it justified to forsake food safety for economic gains? How much trust has been lost to other countries in maintaining food safety standards in China? Already the people of China are becoming wary of their own food products.

Im glad our Singapore’s AVA is doing a fine job in imposing such strict rules and regulations in terms of food safety, both within and without. Its comforting to know that AVA is ever vigilant and never stops to inspect all foods that comes outside Singapore before being released to the consumers.

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One thought on “China Food Fears Go From Pets To People”

  1. Where are “Friends of the Earth” right now? We were almost crippled in the US corn industry regarding the Starlink corn, and a zero tolerance was set. This ingredients from China pose huge potential health risks to humans and this is the tip of the ice burg. I am appalled that China can dispose of it Hazardous Waste in our food supply, how ironic we are literally eating it and paying them for the privlage. It is a disgusting, scary situation and we must protect ourselves Wake up fellow citizens. Is the reason we haven’t gotten more press on this because we have not figured out who to sue yet?

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