Eating the best fish & chips by the ocean… HOW COOL IS THAT!!!?

Eating the best fish & chips by the ocean… HOW COOL IS THAT!!!?

This weekend has been my best and also my worst ever. For the best, is because we managed to go to Fremantle and its one of the finest destinations to go to for a holiday. The worst, is because ive spent almost 200 dollars in 2 days alone.


Saturday I went to the city myself to do a little walking around and do some shopping. I intended to buy a USB thumbdrive, because mine doesn’t work anymore. So to reduce the inconvenience of sharing a thumbdrive with Gad in school, I bought a 1gb of space for S49.90. I think it is a little more pricey here than in
Singapore, but I cant help it because I need it to transfer valuable sample data to and from different computers.

The problem is that, the data that is generated is from one computer and that computer doesn’t have internet access. That computer is in the lab, while the computer that we used to analyse our data is in another room, across the lab. So the thumbdrive is essential.

After that I decided to splurge a little, not too much, just a little. But in the end I failed on that. I bought a quicksilver slingbag costing $69.90 (oh gosh) and it really looks cool to me. It has a black overall with red thin stripes going a horizontally and vertically, making is looked slightly checkered. Ok that done, and ive spent more than a hundred bucks, not to mention the food and all the tidbits that’s not found in Singapore that I managed to try here and there, like candy and chocolates and stuff.


We all decided to go to Fremantle via train. Since it would be the first time we try their train service, this would be a good opportunity. So we set off at 10am, and soon reached the train station. The train station at
perth city, is an interchange, so there were a few platforms. We took train on platform 7. Now for the train part.

The journey took about 30 minutes via the Fremantle Line. The Fremantle Station (our final destination) is the last station of the line naturally. It costs $3.20 to get there, crossing 2 zones. (more on that later) The train is much like ours in some degrees. For one, the seats in certain carriages have two formats. One is like ours, where the seats are arranged such that we see each other, and another is like a bus arrangement, seats in pairs on either sides. Their seats are cushioned, but they are kinda firm, and the usual, the poster of the lines and its corresponding stations and stuff overhead. Theres little or no ads at all in the train.

When we entered the train, we wanted to go to the next carriage. However the link between two carriages is separated by 2 doors, one on each side of the carriage. When we approached it, it was hilarious. I couldn’t find a way to open it. I tried pulling them apart but couldn’t. I tried sliding them on both left and right sides but I couldn’t. I was so embarrassed because there were people looking at me, so I started to hasten my speed to find out how to open the door. To the end, I found a white rectangular button, near the handle and haphazardly tried to pushed it in. It opened automatically. When we crossed to the next carriage, we all laughed at our stupidity.

It was a smooth journey overall and kinda fast too, better than our MRT, but their stations are weak compared to our nice and clean platforms with state of the art gantries and a control station to boot. This one however, once we get out of the city and to the suburbs (really beautiful and covers a large area of land as far as the eye could see) their platforms are open and in some cases its soo small, that there is just a “shack” with a couple of machines, and seats and that’s all. That’s all. Literally that’s all. I repeat, the platform, a “shack” couple of machines and a few chairs. Its soo bare, that if there weren’t any signs that this is the station, you wouldn’t have noticed it at first glance.


“Situated on the mouth of
River just 19km from
Perth, Fremantle has been described as the world’s best preserved 19th century seaport.”

When we reached there, the first thing that I wanted to find was a place to eat, so we wondered around the busy streets of Fremantle, its shopping areas, “cappuccino street” (a street, lined with nothing but cafes, serving the best and most aromatic cappuccinos) and stuff till we reached the Fisherman’s Harbour. There we found Cicerello’s Fish & Chips shop, touted as the No.1 Fish & Chips shop in the whole of
Western Australia, and in addition, some of Shi Ming’s Colleagues also recommended that place. So I ordered their traditional fish & chips costing $10.50. And for that price, ive went to fish & chips heaven and back again. It’s the BEST fish & chips ive EVER tasted. Its just too good to describe in words. I may have gotten sick and tired of that dish since I came here, but this is a league above the rest ive ever tasted in my life. The batter the fresh fish, everything is too good for my humble little tastebuds. And what better ways to enjoy fish & chips by the bay, where we sit in the alfresco area, right at the edge of the jetty, overlooking the wharf, with lots of yachts and the big blue sea. One of the best dining areas ive ever been too, and remember, its cool down here, so outdoor dining is no problem at all baby!!

So after that hearty meal, we decided to walk around and we soon discovered that there were many museums of various sorts and that their buildings are very Victorian. It seemed like the place is frozen in time, while the people advanced through the ages. Lots of building were perfectly preserved and converted to shops, bars, restaurants. Overall it’s a very lively place. We walked to this beach, and for the first time, we saw the ocean. The
Indian Ocean, after 6 weeks, and it was beautiful. Its called Bather’s Beach. It’s a very small beach, but it’s a start to more beach visits in the future. The sea is blue and the air is sooo fresh!

Well, just to fast forward abit, we then went to a chocolate factory in Fremantle as well. Though we were disappointed that there weren’t any live demonstrations on that day, we still managed to but small packets of chocolates that were hand made. I bought a chocolate dip fudge. The fudge flavor that I tasted was Old English Caramel and it tasted soooo good! It costs about 5 bucks for a 150 gm packet and it was well worth the price. The fudge is soo sweet and creamy and when its in your mouth, you can feel it melting away, bursting out its flavors to your taste buds.

After that we decided not to go to any of the museums just yet, because we are planning to visit Fremantle again. The place has a lot of thing to see, and while we see a lot of things, its still not enough for a single day. We decided to visit Fremantle Prison, one of the more popular tourist attraction and found out that they have this special guided tour, that only takes place at night. Its called a torchlight tour and for 1.5 hours, it brings you to the depths of the prison, with you and a torchlight, and in total darkness, you get to witness and listen to some supernatural occurrences that has happened in the prison. Its pretty scary stuff according to Shi Ming’s colleagues and costs $20 and have to book in advance.

We all decided to go one day in two weeks time. Its gonna be a scare, PLUS we are going during Halloween period, Saturday 28th October, where there will be some extra events during the tour and they say its gonna be even more scary. Its gonna be fun.

Yeah aside from that, we went to the weekend market, that sells lots of things there from fresh produce to souvenirs to clothes to basically a lot of things in general, lol. Its very much like bugis street in my opinion.


Ive been looking around the city, and Fremantle to look for possible things to buy as souvenirs back home for my friends out there. My best guess is that I would be buying quite a bit on food stuff, such as chocolates and the likes. It’s been kinda difficult for me to pick and choose things that would be most suitable for the individual.

So far, ive bought a koala for
Dee, so that is pretty much settled. I intend to buy a big bag of nougat soon for Hock. As for
Cher, Ive been eyeing on something that might be kinda cool for you, though I shan’t say what. For Allen, im buying for him something ‘naughty’. Not those sex stuff, but something that would spice things up during breakfast. Don’t try to guess what, because you wont be able to guess it correctly. Ive found it, hopefully it would be cool for him. For Ben, I intend to buy something that would really reflect his lifestyle and attitude towards life, but its kinda cheapo at the moment, so im still trying to thing of something that would up the value a little bit. Nonetheless, its still kinda cool for you to have it. Unfortunately I should say that its nothing related to fishing or aquarium stuff, things that you are most passionate about so far ive seen in him. Comparing the value of those souvenirs ive mentioned, I would say
Cher’s would be the most expensive, followed by Hock and his big bag of nougat.

In addition to that, I intend to buy this really cool hand made candy that I saw them demonstrating to the public while I was in the city. I would most like buy 2 small jars for Dee and
Cher, and a big jar for the guys to share and another jar for the class to share. Its not really cheap, but its cool, cause its handmade for one things and it has lots of different flavors that comes with. I have a small jar right now and every time I pop one in my mouth, its always a different flavor. I also intend to buy chocolate caramel fudge from the chocolate factory that I mentioned just now. I dunno how much im gonna buy, but ill buy for you to try it out. Its sooo good, that I just have to share with you guys. On a side note, Shi Ming has bought something special for Allen as well, and ill not say what till we reached back home. I’ll keep you updated.

Next week we might be planning to go to Adventure World, a theme park with lots of roller coasters. Stay tune.


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  1. ROLLER COASTERS?!?!?!?!?! Gawdammit!!! I WANNA GO ON THRILL RIDES TOO!!!!!!!!!! neh neh!!
    Anyway, You’ve been tagged on my blog. Go find “Pop Quiz”.

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