Ok ok, so I haven’t been updating the blog for a while. Its has been a slow week for us, probably because it’s the 5th week, and we are almost reaching half way to the attachment, yet its not half way yet. You get what I mean, when you anticipate something, it goes soo slow…


Anyway, last weekend, we went to scitech. It’s a science center equivalent and its not very far away from the city center. In fact, its nearer to our lodge then going from the city center. So went there in the morning and it was opened. Entrance fee was 14 bucks I think, but its worth it, because not only you gain access to the science exhibitions and get to try hands on at all the science stuff, you also gain access to the Planetarium. The Planetarium is exactly like the omni theater and with 14 bucks, you get to see as many shows as you want during the day in the Planetarium. That is why its worth the 14 bucks, because we watched 2 shows on that day and spent the entire afternoon in the science center. We wanted to see more shows, but then there were only 2 different shows on that particular time period.


One of the show talks about whether there is life on other planets in the galaxy. Narrated by Harisson Ford, it’s a really good show and takes you to the far reaches of space and explore planets in other parts of the galaxy, where life may be possible. The traveling through space makes you feel like youre really flying because of the big screen effect.


The second show is about life as an astronaut. It gives you an overview on what astronauts must endure physically and mentally before being selected to be sent out to space. Narrated by Ewan McGregor, it’s a funny show, because it actually depicts in a funny way, some of the dangers in space that astronauts face on a daily basis. They also show the International Space Station in all its glory and has really cool CGIs.


Both shows each were 25 minutes long, but before the show, there is a live presentation of the constellation in the skies. The live presentation is about 20 minutes, making each session 45 minutes long. The live presentation on the stars that we see in the sky and the different constellations visible is a breathtaking experience. I actually learnt a lot on some of the constellation, like the Pegasus, scorpio and even how to find the Southern Cross and find the south during the night sky. Its very ‘food for thought’ They even tell you what are some of the stars that will be able to see on a particular time and date, which if you happen to be in a rural area, you should be able to see it.


Well that was all during the weekend. In school, nothing much happened, just analyzing more milk samples and I even have to write a report on it. ~sigh~ . But this past week, ive hit a bumpy road. My sample analysis were not up to standard and I made the effort to investigate the cause of it. It was only yesterday that I made a really big discovery, in which even my supervisor didn’t noticed it till now. I feel so proud of myself, to be able to design an experiment and investigate on an issue and then solving and proving it with my data. More on that later. Meanwhile, we are going to Fremantle, tomorrow, so stay tuned!



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