Kings Park and a date with the afternoon moon

We started off early, and headed towards Kings Park. We walked to the city, to catch a direct bus to Kings park. It was a 5 minute journey from there on.

When we reached there, it was amazing, kings park is situated on a hill and when you go up, everything around you transformed. Suddenly you are surround by lush greeneries and wild flowers everywhere. It’s a great place to have a picnic, with lots of open spaces for you to settle down. Add the great spring weather to the equation, is blissful.

On kings park there’s a botanical garden, showcasing all the various plant species found in Western Australia. And with spring in full force, the wildflowers were in full bloom, full of reds, purples, blues, yellows and of various other colours as well. It’s a very peaceful place, and has a great view of the city itself to boot. Kings park is one of the MUST SEE places when you are in Perth.

We were fortunate because firstly, its springtime, flowers are blooming. Secondly, there was a wildflower festival going on but we didnt go to the wildflower festival, because you have to pay to go in, i we didnt think that it was worth it, just to see the flowers, when in fact the free access botanical garden has the flowers everywhere. The only difference is that for the botanical gardens, you have to find the flower yourself, while the festival has all the flowers laid out in rows for you to take pictures with. Even with that being said, the flowers in the botanical gardens are plenty, and we felt that we wont lose anything even if we just pass up on the festival. Besides, we are not flower experts of enthusiasts. But before that, a little detail on Kings Park.

“Kings Park and Botanic Garden is visited by millions of people each year. With its remarkable expanses of unique bushland, tranquil parkland and botanic garden, the Park is the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia.

The total area of the Park is 406 hectares and overlooks the Swan River and the City of Perth.

There is so much to explore and discover – and Spring is the perfect time of the year to experience all that Kings Park and Botanic Garden has to offer.”


Ah well, just see for yourself. Im not gonna type anymore. See all the pics that ive taken. A picture paints a thousand words.

Oh oh, and one more thing:

Sometimes back at home, you get to see the moon even though the sky is still bright right? Usually 5pm onwards when the sun is about to set.

But, for the first time ever in my life, i saw the moon at 1.30pm onwards. It was truely breathtaking. To see the moon and the sun up in the sky, east and west in the afternoon, its something that you wont see everyday. It was at half moon unfortunately, but at 1.30pm, who would have imagined that you could see the moon clearly at that hour. I sat down on a bench on one of the observatory, overlooking the entire perth city, and i stared at all. Its sooo science fiction. Truly is…

I know it looks insignificant, but never have i seen the moon and sun so close together, and never have i seen the moon appearing so early in the day. It soo sci fi…

Some of the many wildflowers that you see. In the botanical gardens, you can walk on grass and have a closer view of them. The grass are well managed and you can literally set your picnic area anywhere. There is no restriction, even the weather is no obstacle, cool all day long. No sweat.

One of the many vantage points in which you can see the whole area of perth.

A central fountain, much like fort canning, and lots of children playing near the pond and others feeding the ducks. Noticed the many green spaces. Perfect for picnic.

The Swan brewery, at the foot of kings park, one of the many places i pass by every day while going the school (UWA) The bus journey travels along the road that is at the foot of Kings park, outlining the boundaries, and along the river. Everyday i get to see the river, its very soothing.

Like a mini tree top walk, this bridge is made of wood and glass. At this height, you have a great view of the river.

One of the many suburbs of perth.

One of the main highways that connects the suburbs to the city (left, not shown in picture).

Kings Park has one of the best views of Perth City.

One of the many memorials found scattered throughout kings park, for Australian Soldiers lost during the World Wars and they also have a memorial for the recent bali bombings.

Camel riding at Kings Park!!

It cost only 5 dollars for a ride. But i didnt take it. What a wasted opportunity, and im starting to regret. Funny thing is that, once they departed with a group of kids on it, he last camel shown here actually farted! Luckily we were a distance away. I reckon it stinks as hell.

The name of the tower is pretty obvious, especially for biotech students like me. Hint: its made up of ACTG. The total number of steps is 101.

A view from the top of the tower. It has a huge open space pathway. Beyond that is another suburb.



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