Perth Royal Show is coming!

YES! Right timing! The Perth Royal Show is coming! It will take place on the 30th september to 7 october, only 8 days!

The Perth Royal Show is an annual event, when the country rolls into the city for 8 days, filled with exciting, educational and experential day out. It is a parade of sorts, not a theme park, but rather its more of an agricultural event, where you get to see farm animals on display, see and touch them upclose and personal. Not only that, there will be thrill rides, exhibitions, markets, food galore of all sorts, and all kinds of other events that you can think off.

Im pretty excited because these are some shows that were never seen in singapore for one, and secondly it will be home to dozen varieties of sheep, cows, horses, poultry,emus, pigeons, rabbits, alpacas, dogs, cats,pig, caives,ducks,goats, and fish, in which you can see, and touch as well. Experience farm life for the day and see amazing animal shows and demonstrations. Ride horses, and ponies, cuddle young goats and see a sheep dog herds a flock of sheeps as well as feline competition.
Thats not all though, numerous thrill rides and roller coasters will be set up to make it like a theme park. The area will be huge, packed with a central stage and many multiple stages to host other events. Its only 8 days and so we have to go ASAP and cannot miss this big event. Entrance fee will be 2obucks, but i think its worth it, because its an experience worth remembering. Not only that, there will be a huge fireworks display every night at 9.30pm, so its something to look out for at the end of the day.

Even more interesting, (and lucky for me) is that a guest country will be coming to the Royal Show to show off thier culture, products, cuisines and traditions in perth. And that country is none other than Japan!!! YES!! So you get to see stuff like, kimono displays, traditional japanese dancing, sushi making demonstration, and try thier food! To top it off, they are showing for the very first time in Australia, ASIMO, the world’s most advanced robot, live on stage at the show. See ‘him” walk, run and dance! for more info on that, go here

There is still more!!

One of the main highlights of the show is the sale of: Perth Royal Show showbags! They have it all, gourmet food treats, popular novelty items and gags for a laugh, bags filled with chocolates, candies gums of all sort, of various sizes and shapes and sizes. In fact there are a total of 257 show bags packed with goodies at a discounted price to choose from!! Showbags, range from 5 bucks, filled with candies and chocolates, to over 30 bucks, complete with a usable bag to carry those goodies.

For example: From Nestle products

Sensational show stopper showbags of 20 bucks include:

8x berties beetles

4x allens lolipops

2x allens redskins pop

4x wonka redskins sticks

3x allens milko sticks

wonka redskin bar

3x mini wonka fruit tingles

wonka ompahs

wonka fun dip

4x nestle smarties mini

2x nestle milkybar funsize

Nestle violet crumble mini

Nestle kit kat temptation coconu eclair

Nestle kit kat temptation caramel fudge

2x kit kat mini

Allen’s bursting spaca mix

and many many more!!

Thats only one bag, think of other 257 show bags, packed with other novelty items!

Ill definitely buy some bags for my classmates back at home to enjoy. Ill probably buy a few bags for the to enjoy. So dont worry!


9 thoughts on “Perth Royal Show is coming!”

  1. hey dude happy belated birthday! hehe soooo sorry i forgot. Oh well enjoy yourself alright.

  2. all i want at this royal show is bigger,better and cheaper entertainment for example the show bags and rides are to much for my family to aford please take what i have said into concideration for i have never been to the royal show and would like to go one day if you could pay four my familt to go that would be even better.

  3. no one has answered any of my comments and i have posted 100 of them please answer me soon because i would love to go

  4. Im sorry but i was there during a student exchange program last year. Im already back at my hometown in singapore, so its impossible to do what youve told me. Nonetheless, i hope you goodluck!

  5. Can anyone afford some money for the poor ypung girl/boy plz?
    they would really appreciate ity if u would like to donate money to the hoggermieres that would be great

    bye everyone 🙂

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