Chinatown, Museums and Kit Kat.

It seems that the more we explore the surrounding of our lodge, the easier and smaller it seem going from here to the city itself. Today we went to Chinatown, slightly north of the city center. We walked from our lodge and it was a mere 15 minutes walk. As we walked, we explore the surroundings area and its really great. Sunny weather, cool air, its great for outdoor activities.

We went Chinatown and encountered lots of Chinese Dim Sum restaurants. They are wildly popular for some reason, with throngs of people queuing outside their doors. Apart from that, there was an Imax theater, Timezone, and loads of bars and pubs. So we walked for a little bit and encountered an area full of art galleries and museums. Soon we realized that we are in one of Perth’s art hub. There were numerous art galleries, small and big, a state library. We went to one of them museum, called the Western Australia Museum and found out that it was free.

It was fantastic. Despite its free entry, its very very big, covering a wide range of topics, but mostly on wildlife, geology, and the history of Western Australia, mainly the Aborigines. Its divided to many sections as stated above and its really interactive.

The big exhibits are showcase on the wall, while the smaller ones are showcased in drawers, where it can be pulled out one by one to see its content. There were some exhibits that can be touched as well.

The first one we went was a mixture of endangered wildlife exhibits and history of Australia. It showcased extinct and endangered animals and insects, in skeletal form and in stuffed models. Its really great. There was a huge skull of the great blue whale being showcased as well and a turtle shell that you can pick it up and see.

Another section we went was the prehistoric era of Australia, where it showcased fossils and dinosaurs that roamed in Australia. It was very cool.


Then we went to another section, where it showcased the history of the aborigines and talked about its culture, its habitat and some of the primitive tools that they used. Its really and educational experience and the exhibition is really extensive. Its very information overload and definitely you cant read everything showcased in a day.

Then another section, this time geology, minerals and rocks and also meteorite rocks were showcased. I think it was my first time to see a real meteorite rock and be able to touch one. Indeed there were a lot of them being showcased, not rocks that landed in Australia, but also different parts of the world, like Chile, France, USA and more. And the different rocks has very different unique properties.




There were many other sections that we didn’t managed to go, because we were hungry and wanted to try out a lunch buffet at one of the vegetarian restaurant. One of which was the photography section. We passed by that, its really beautiful, but thought, hey next time perhaps.

For lunch, we ate at this vegetarian restaurant, Utopia. The lunch buffet, was only 4.50 bucks. It’s a price worth dying for truly. Though its not really a buffet, they have  a selection of dishes, but you can choose 4 only, on top of served rice, and a salad dish. And one of the staff were the one serving out the dishes instead of us. Its ok, because the servings were quite large and filling, so 4.50 bucks in Australia, is a big deal to us. It tasted great too.

I also bought bubble tea. My all time favourite, mango red tea. It’s a little pricey though, capping at 3 bucks were cup, but its really good and no compromise to taste when comparing to singapore’s.

[Hmm.. yum yum.. and the pearls are sweeet]

So after that we decided to walk the surrounding areas outside Chinatown. We came across a small Vietnamese communities, full of Vietnamese shops and restaurants, and also a mini little India. Somewhere there, I came across and discovered where the Perth Mosque is.

Then we decided to take a break at one of their nearby parks.

Their parks are unlike ours. They don’t have that many trees, except for its only purpose for shelter for people sitting on the benches. Instead, they have lots of lush green open spaces for people to have picnic, lie down and slack or play footy or Frisbee. It’s my ideal concept. With sunny skies, coupled with cool breeze, its really exhilarating and truly calms your soul, as you see the world pass by before your very eyes. They have lots of parks too in the suburbs, big and small, all with open spaces.

[Open spaces for outdoor activities + Cool weather, something that Singapore truly lack…]

After that about 3, after lots of walking, we decided to go back home. We didn’t take a the public transport at all. We walked and walked. It was tiring, but we saw a lot of things. Truly an eye opener.

And one last thing, this is for the chocolate lovers. Australia has lots of confectionary that we have never seen before. Lets just begin with the basics. Kit Kat.

The Kit Kat we see are the usual small, 4 finger Kit Kat, and also the jumbo sized Kit Kat. Sometimes we see other exotic ones, like Kit Kat with caramel and also other japanese type of kit kats, like the kit kat with wine, kitkat parfait, kit kat and yoghart.


Behold, 4 new flavours….


Honey Comb

Cookie Dough

Caramel Fudge

Hazelnut Praline

Cost of Kit Kat : 6 Bucks

Taste of Kit Kat: Priceless

For a complete list of kit kat flavours around the world, go here.


4 thoughts on “Chinatown, Museums and Kit Kat.”

  1. i. want. kitkats.

    I WANT I WANT!!!
    I want to try those 4 flavours!!!! I swear I’ll leave some melon-flavoured kitkats from Hokkaido for you okay!? so you HAVE to buy home some to share!

  2. Hey man, Sorry tat i 4got ur bday. But ur not forgetten. Happi Belated bday man. Take lots care. Oh Hail Ala ~ Fastin…

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    I want some of those cookie dough kit kats! Haha..
    Anw go to fremantle soon! Enjoy the flea market over there!

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