Happy Birthday to me


Yep. Today is my birthday and this would be my first time celebrating mine outside Singapore. Nevertheless, some of my best pals still wished me through sms from Singapore, and I really really appreciate it. Thank you once again for all those smses. Though I’m so far away right now, you still made my day today. Some of you even wished me when im online and im really grateful for that.


Its almost the end of the second week, with 10 more weeks to go. This week wasn’t the best week I had so far, in terms of lab work. My results are still not up to standard, despite me doing the same thing again and again (20 times now). I think im getting a taste of what research is like. Its full of repetition. Even that didn’t discourage me from doing my best. What im afraid about is the inability to improve from my last experiment, despite trying all ways to minimize error. I still have yet to analyze all the data ive collected, and that would be my last resort. Gotta see what’s in store for me in week 3.


Well basically theres nothing for me to update. I’ve been kinda busy doing the stuff in the lab, although I did not do any OT, something im grateful for, but we have been diligently going to school at 9am sharp and finished around 4 to 5pm. Despite their relax lifestyle in their work, we don’t want to make it a habit. Well I mustn’t give up and must try to work harder so that I can get on with the real samples that we were supposed to analyze. Right now its all about getting the standard curve as accurate as possible. The next step is to get the known concentration of the sample correct based on the standard curve. Once we are confident with our result and our consistent technique, only then we can move on to the real thing. I dunno if we are slow at picking up the pace, but in my opinion, trying to get the standard curve right for 2 weeks, isn’t what I call fast learner. Out of the 22 experiments that I did, only 2 experiments were accurate enough. Only a handful were close to that.


Oh I got a few pics of the river. These were taken from the university itself. You see, the UWA, doesn’t have a solid fence or barrier to mark their territory. So basically the whole university is like integrated with the neighbourhood, and being beside the river, you can actually walk there and sit by the banks. Its really cool. And since the weather is cool, most students during break time, would lie down and sit on open fields and spaces to chat and eat. Its a culture that’s not really seen in Singapore (coz Singapore is sooo hot!!)


This weekend, we might go to Chinatown to look around for places to eat or interesting sights, and if time permits, we might head to Kings Park. It’s a good time to head there, because I think the flowers are all blooming there. So with nice flowers and coupled with a beautiful view of the perth city, look forward to some pretty pictures….

Thats the city. Looks quite far, buts its like a 20 min journey from there to the university by bus.

My work. See those bottles of reagents i have to add in to all those eppedorfs. And this is just one set of experiment. On average, i do about 2 to 3 times a day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. Each set can take up to 2 hours to do it.

And this is the final result, after transfering the liquids from the eppendorfs to the 96 well plates. 2 columns of standards, 3 types of QCs, 20 sets of them all.



One thought on “Happy Birthday to me”

  1. yoh, it’s me. =)
    got a new site.

    happy birthday to ya! mwhahahaha….
    anyway, those buildings and those sights are really something to behold eh?

    gah, okay, have fun!

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