Big appetite

Lately, the weather has been cold, and lately, I have been eating much more than usual. Im not sure whether my appetite and climate is co related, but Ive heard from other people that if the weather’s cold, you tend to eat more and that’s what ive been doing. Eating a lot.

Though the food here has been expensive, but their servings are large. And surprisingly, I can finish them! For an instance, a typical fish and chips meal, usually, they serve those large sized fries in huge quantities. I finished them with no contest. And the pizza that we bought at the kebab’s store near our university. It was 12 bucks, but the size was comparable to pizza hut’s large pan pizza. I finish 2/3rd of it without much difficulty. And I still got room for dinner in the evening. Ive been trying really hard to save a little on the daily expenses, such as buying foods in bulk, or buying cheaper priced food in food outlet, but I don’t think I can keep up anymore. My whopping appetite is roaring and I just have to buy stuff and eat.

Enough of food for the time being, and on to my project. Its our 4th day in school today, and I have been doing the same task that was given to me since the first day of school. Its not boring or anything, its just that im getting used to the routine. It can be mundane at times, but I cant complain at all, since this is what research is all about, and since it demands accuracy in order to be credible, I still have lots of work to do to refine my techniques. So far, I can say that im improving. Ive been getting consistent results lately, and for the first time, my standard curve assay reached the target of 0.9900 for R2. Today I did one round of experiment, and my personal best of a 0.9977. I did the same test ten times today, and the other 2 results got 0.9854 and 0.9844. Its close to the target of 0.9900. Although its been 4 days doing the same thing, I know that im getting consistent results and that my results are almost there. All I need to do is to identify areas to improve on, such as my pipetting techniques, and reagent preparation technique. Hopefully I can achieve that same result of 0.9900 for tomorrow, then at least I have something to celebrate.

Today, Wei (our supervisor) generously gave us a A4 sized, notebook to record our experiments and keep track of our progress. Once ive finished my attachment, ill show it to you what ive done so far.

For the first time today, I we sunshine for the rest of the day. This afternoon was a great and sunny day! The temperature is great! Its perfect! Not too hot, not too cold! How I wish we have those kind of weather in Singapore.

Ive been getting nosebleeds for 2 days now. It usually happens in the morning, when I shower and its pretty bad. I always get nosebleeds when the humidity is low. Even my skin near my mouth are getting dry too.

Overall, im grateful that im under a great supervisor and professor. I havent taken a picture with them yet, but I will soon, probably towards the end of the attachment. Meanwhile, ill take more photos of the university and videos as well in the coming weeks. As for plans this weekend, so far there is none. I think we wont we going anywhere sightseeing this week. We just want to lay back and relax for once. Its been a hectic first week. Not just in school but getting used to our new lifestyle and routine. My life was in a daze this past week. Now I need to slow down and unwind. I’ll keep you updated if we are going anywhere.


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