Second Day, Sunday.

The whole day, we spent exploring Perth city itself, and figured out how to take the bus from Beatty lodge to the city. Since it was a Sunday, transport services were limited, therefore we have to get used to the idea that our lifestyle and outdoor plans have to be arranged in accordance to the bus schedule if you depend on the bus a lot for transportation.

View of our lodge outside

Waiting for the bus.



For example, the bus services have a certain and specific schedule, such as what time it arrives at the bus stop and the bus intervals. If you missed that bus, you have to wait like 15 mins for the next one. So you have to be there, before the bus arrives. On occasion, during the weekends, the bus intervals can be 1 hour long! And if you missed it, you have to wait for 1 whole hour. For me it kinda sucked, because first, during the weekends, the bus services start around 10am in the earliest and 7pm in the latest. That means, if you miss the last bus, you might not have any more transport. The only redeeming factor is that the bus arrivals are on time. Really really on time.


So we learnt quite abit regarding schedules and the bus to take from the lodge, to the city and to the university itself. We are still pretty stumped on the fees and payments. Its fairly complex and have yet to figured that out.


From the lodge, to the city, is about 60 cents, less than 6 stops, no more than 5-10mins.

We haven’t really tried going to the university yet, because as I said, the bus services are limited. So on Monday would be a big day for us. We might be late, we might not. Hopefully nothing bad happens.


So the bus thingy is done. We spent the entire day exploring different parts of the city itself, but mainly its within the city. We have yet to explore the outskirts, or near the river.


The first place we went is somewhere near our lodging, Oxford. Its like Holland Village to me, lots of bars and shops but are not directly close to the city. Its like a small hangout place. We went there at around 10am, but most shops are still closed. The next stop, we took a bus down to Chinatown, which is north of Wellington Station (bus terminal) We explored quite abit, lots of shops, café and bars, but nothing fantastic in my opinion. It was already afternoon and we were hungry. Luckily we found a food court with some stalls that serves Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. They also have a bubble tea store nearby and some Indian foods. But to the end, we ate fish and chips. Lots of chips, too little fish. But overall it’s a large serving. God, I can barely finish it.



After a little walking, we reached Northbridge, another place with lots of shops and bars along the streets. That was also where, my Dad’s friend took us to dinner the previous night. It as surprise because we encountered it by accident.


Then, we decided to take the CAT service, or the Central Area Transit. Its totally free and it brings us around the city itself. There are 3 different lines, Blue, Red and Yellow, each serving distinctly different areas. We took the blue one first, and it arrives on time as stated on the board.

Waiting for the Blue CAT

Then we stopped at around Hay Street, a shopping district, just like Orchard Road, a number of malls and shops. It was really crowded (weekend duh) and there were a few buskers. There was one really exceptionally good one and I took a couple of pics for you guys to see. The music they created were very very, surprisingly good! They even sell their own created albums, and I was very tempted to buy.

Nice Buskers!

Then we took the red CAT and stopped outside YMCA, another lodging that Shi Ming was considering. It was ok I guess, and its close to Perth City Hospital. There’s a nearby St Mary’s Cathedral.

Very nice cathedral


Then after that we took a very long walk back to Hay Street and took a bus back. We had to wait like 45 minutes for the designated one to arrive. By then its already about 5.30pm when we reached our lodging.



I noticed that there were a number of different ethnic and cultural minorities in Perth, and a fair number of Asians. Finding Asian or Mediterranean cuisines are not very hard at all. Lots of Chinese and its not that uncommon after all. We even spoke to an old man in the bus while on our way to our destination. He mentioned that he was a Singaporean too and migrated to Perth, 20 years ago!


Tomorrow is a big day, I hoped that I made there on time.


NOTE: Some posts are delayed. Meaning that the events that took place and the things that i describe in a post might not be posted on the same date. If that happens, ill clearly state it. This is because, i dont have enough time to write the post, upload pics and stuff. If a post doesnt have any images. Do be patient. Ill post it on the same entry. So please refer back to previous entries for updated images.


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