First Night


First night, I managed to get sleep actually. It was incredible. As cheap as our accommodation was, the bed was quite comfy, but for some reason, the linen and blanket had this little musty smell. Gotta remind myself to ask them to change on our next housekeeping round.


It was really cold at night, but we had a heater in our room so it was alright. The bathroom was again, simple but adequate, with hot running water and its really refreshing when you bathe in a cold morning. After showers, you DO NOT want to get out of the shower, because its SO COLD.


Everywhere is natural aircon and you don’t feel like showering because you don’t sweat and because you don’t sweat, you can actually wear your t shirts for another day or 2. That really saves a lot on laundry, and that really saves a lot of money.


Well looks like it’s a great sunny morning. We are gonna explore the area a little bit. Catch you all later in the evening.