Ok… Full Report, (if my notebook battery allows)

Full report!

This morning, reached at the airport around 7.30am. Gad and her family was already there. So i reached second. A couple of my old friends were there as well to see me off. Thank you soo much!!

Shiming came later at aroud 8am. Boarding time was at 8.05am. So we were alittle late, but managed to catch the flight and sit together.

I must admit that when i entered the transit area, i was soo welled up in fear. Suddenly the feeling of uncertainty, the impossible task of going back was imminent. It was a surreal feeling. All along, when checking in, i constantly asked myself, whether im prepared for this, or whether this was what i wanted and whether ive made the correct decision.

* Right after this pic was taken, a small luggage fell off the transporter on the road. But it was immediately picked up by it. This was taken in McCafe, in the transit area*

But any whole how, i just managed to put aside and just walk without turning back.

We sat on the airplane, middle isle. So boring… 52D 52E and 52G. The plane is in a 2-4-2 arragement, but the plane was not full. 5 hour journey, first time flying without my parents.

It was a silent trip overall. i think we all knew of what was to come in the weeks ahead, and i think we were all contemplating on our fates in one way or another.

The inflight entertainment system were not bad. There were movies like Hoodwinked, Nacho Libre, Xmen 3, The Last Stand, Mission Impossible 3, Brokeback Mountain and many more. Gad watched Brokeback and Poseidon, while i watched hoodwinked, Over The Hedge and abit of Xmen 3.

So we reached the airport, went through customs without a hitch (thank god for that) and Mr Seah, my dad’s friend picked us up. The first thing he did was treat us to some light lunch, at Dome café as the plane served lunch pretty early. Oh by the way, i ate salmon on the plane. It was pretty good.

*Perth International Airport, 5 Hours later.*

After that, he drived us to the accommodation, Beatty Lodge. At first, there were some mixup to the room allocation but it was all settled pretty soon enough. The receptionist was friendly and coolly. Im sooo jealous of Gad’s room. She has a new TV, and a dvd player, with a full length mirror and a red cosy chair to boot!!


My room is pretty standard, a room with 2 beds, and furniture, a mirror symmetry, 2 study tables, 2 wardrobes, 2 mirrors and shelvings to place stuff. Our TV isn’t working, so I think we are getting a replacement soon enough.

My bed.. its very.. pinkish



As far as the facilities are concerned, the bathroom is shared. Its simple but adequate. Toilets are in one place, bathroom in the other. However, I must say, the layout of Beatty lodge is abit… weird. The kitchen are so so, there is a cafeteria, a pool, with places of hangout, a pool table, communal fridge on every floor, and laundry area. Im pretty skeptical about the laundry facilities though. They aren’t that good. Well we shall see.


So I guess that’s about it. I might not be able to blog everyday or have the time to upload pics. So pardon, if there aren’t any pics and rest assured that I have them in my computer. So be patient.


4 thoughts on “Ok… Full Report, (if my notebook battery allows)”

  1. oi oi!!!


    leaving singapore must’ve felt like one of those heart-wrenching drama scenes from animes hor?


    shall i tempt you with tonnes of ouran?

    anyway, i just read a review over random curiousity. called black blood brothers.
    vampire show. violence. gory. heh.
    trying to d/l the OP to get a feel of the song now.

    in any case. hope you’re having a great time in aussie right now! =)
    i want my pay for watching anime.

  2. jasrie! hello.. haha so cool. so envious. i wished i could go overseas as well. haiz.

    i’d love to see pictures and hear more stories about australia!! =)

    take care dude, send me regards to shiming and gad =)

  3. muahahahaha dude….gad’s room sure does sound like a luxury….oh well…maybe the receptionist knew that typical gals would want these basic items in their rooms. Don’t be jeolous~ *giggling*

    Hahaha i would be looking forward for your next update~ Tata for now….warm wishes~

  4. Cher, thanks for replying! ill be sure to post lots of photos but my phototaking skills sucks. i do have videos too! ill find a way to upload them on youtube.!

    Mizael, Thanks for visiting my blog! Ill send my regards to them so not to worry.
    Do visit often, loads of stuff to update as well!

    Anj: OMG you are soo true! It felt like Honey and Clover 2 of those tear jerker scenes in anime!!

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