The Mind Cafe

Okie, alot of things has happened and im really lagging behind here. So here’s what happened yesterday, on Wednesday.

Wednesday, i met up with my old secondary school mates in Ang Mo Kio and went to sumo house to eat some really cheap japanese food. Its been months since we met up and it was really fun overall. We had to wait for Aaron to finished his FYP in school and we waited for him at Mos Burger, Jubilee.

So anyway, we finished eating and went to Mind Cafe at Prinsep Street. It was a blast. We played Taboo and Risk. It was extremely fun. It was actually my first time playing Risk and i learned alot about the game. We three do not know how to play, so the people there, [Waiter and Waitresses] actually helped us with the rules and how to play the game.

I must say, Mind cafe is truly a one of a kind experience. The environment and ambience, though small and isnt that fantastic, its really a good cafe overall. Plus you get to play an array of board games stacked on the shelves and you can just take em and bring it back to you table, and start playing. Its that easy. Stuck? Dunno the rules? Ask them. They will teach you.

So we wanted to play Risk, but dunno the rules, this guy, an Ang Mo, surprisingly came up to us and teach us how to play. He was really really great. He explained to us in great detail, about the basics, and then onto some advanced strategies of Risk. Though the tutorial was kinda long, i seemed to have learnt alot about it, and he seemed to be enjoying himself teaching us how to play. Mind Cafe really gave me a truly wonderful experience. After he thought us, we started playing on our own and we had a blast. There were times when we were stuck on how to proceed with the game. That same guy, came to us again and explained. It was that simple. In fact, he has been checking on our progress, and since there werent many people at that time, i think they are overstaffed at the moment, so he had nothing to do but watched us and gave advice and tips along the way.

Why do i mentioned this over and over again? It is because rarely have i seen such level of service and proactiveness in them. The staff are really really professional, and sometimes when we had a blast, laughing and screaming in delight, they also enjoyed as well, smilling and laughing at the same time. So overall the whole atmosphere is really positive! Good healthy, social gathering, thats my kinda cafe.

We played for two hours, but we still didnt finish the game. We had to leave, coz it was getting late. My friends who were with me were thier first time there, and they had a lot of fun overall. It was a wonderful experience.

For those who havent went there, it is a must place to go!


One thought on “The Mind Cafe”

  1. i think there is also another cafe called Pitstop Cafe that has board games too…and in fact they have an interesting blog as well at

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