Final hours today.

Today we had a briefing regarding out IAP and FYP. There were tons of info that needs to be told to us and we need to collect our official letter of appointment, as well as our so called log books that needs to be filled in during the attachment period.

We then took photos of the class one last time with Dr Xu. It was sad for me, because this is it. This is the moment. Several of us are going for a 24 week attachment/project in thier company that were delegated to them. So most probably ill not see them for a very very long time.

Today i also went out with cher, dee, hock, allen and ben. Might be the last time we went out and have fun together. This week was really hectic for me. Tying up loose ends in many aspects of my life, before i embark to australia. Though its only 3 months. Its gonna be somewhat of a new chapter in my life. A mini one. No longer can i see all my friends as ive seen them everyday for the past 3 years. And this week has been the most meaningful for me. As friends, i now know who they are, and who i can call true friends. I really appreciate for what they have done to me. This past week has been a revelation for me.

Look forward to the next post, which wil probably be filled in australia. In the meantime, adieu!

Meanwhile, it looks like its gonna be a great sunny day at Perth! 


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