Class BBQ wrapup

[This is gonna be a pretty difficult entry to write, so pardon me]

Its around 1 am, i just came back from a wonderful class bbq that was held at Ben’s house. To summarise what has happened in a single paragraph, i would say that the bbq was a tremendous success, and that there were more of my classmates that attended than i originally anticipated. It was a welcoming sight, as groups of them started to arrive. Id really like to thank them for taking the time out, for coming to our final class bbq. It really meant alot to me, as this is one of the final few moments that i would see most of you guys. All in all, it was fun, full of energy, food were great and abundant, and to the end, almost everything was finished with little wastage.

My day began by meeting up with ben at Causeway point to help him buy the stuff for the bbq later in the evening. We went to Sheng Siong [If i spell that correctly] at marsling and bought the bbq stuff. It was hell cheap. Then we headed to NTUC near ben’s place to buy the charcoal and the chicken, and the unagi. In the end it was well within budget and headed to his house to prepare. At the time it was around 3 to 4pm. Evans also tagged along in his own car, helping us to carry the stuff.

So while waiting, we watched a movie, Into the Blue [I think]

You know, ive been to ben’s house acouple of times, and i must say its pretty neat, but messy at the same time. You know what i mean? Concept wise is good, but a little cleanup would be great.

So around 5pm onwards, some of my classmates, namely Allen, Jamie, Shi Ming,Sindhu, Daiyu, Fauziah and Gad, You Sheng, were the first few to arrive, followed by Eng Pau, Deelian and Cherlyn, and then Hock, Chen Yie, Yee yen, Gwen, Tze Hui, and Eileen. Some of them were picked up by Evans and Benjamin at designated location. [Thank you for picking them up]

At around 7pm, it started to rain a bit, but we continued our bbq anyway, since it was sheltered. More chairs were available this time round and it was welcoming for the extra number of classmates who were present at the time.

We started our bbq in full force by that time, Eileen, our talented cook, helped us to bbq our food [Thank you sooo much] and it was delicious. Without her, it would have been a less enjoyable bbq indeed, and if it were not for your friends support, fanning you, keeping you cool, it would have been much tougher for you. [Thank you as well]

We then started eating and taking photos. It was great. Everyone had fun. Its been a quite some time since i see this much dynamism in the class since before the exam period.
After all that, some of them had to leave, though it was still early, i understand why the need to leave early. To the end, it was left with only a handful of us, mainly Gwen, Dee, Cher, Hock, Allen [Who is utterly drunk, picking dudo fights with all of us, in ben’s room, while he sprawls on the floor] It was funny. I had a few photos, more will be sent to me soon to post it online.

This pic, though not clear, due to poor lighting, looks like Gwen just killed Allen, and is still shocked from what just transpired. lol! Kidding. After most of us left, we hang around at Ben’s room, till 12 am. Allen was utterly drunk, and he went loco in there. Gwen, looking helpless on the floor trapped in a corner, while Allen slowly crawls towards her, trying to grab her while in his sleep. its like a cheesy horror movie. LOL. Well more pics will be shown soon.

After around 12midnight, we started to cleanup the area alittle bit, before i had to go.

Well i guess thats it for today. I will explain in more detail once i have more pics from those who bought cameras during the BBQ.

As for tuesday, i have no plans as of yet, but, im planning to do my Mission Statements for my industrial attachment and probably a list of things to bring and prepare for it, excluding clothings. What is a Mission Statement? You will find out soon enough.

4 Days till my overseas attachment, and the moment i spent with them during the bbq was golden, every minute of it, priceless. Certainly i will cherish it and treasure it forever. As the countdown approaches the end, the time i spend with them becomes irreplaceable and nothing will prevent me from taking the opportunity to spend some time with them.


One thought on “Class BBQ wrapup”

  1. Nice post and it was damn funny! hahaha! Most of the photos uploaded in my blog and for the rest, i will send to u online when i see u..

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