BBQ Peektures!

Finally i got some peektures for you to look at. These are from Benjamin, so any photos here are courtesy of Benjamin. Not all the photos sent to me will be displayed [Bandwidth and loading problem] so ill just post the best.

Eileen, warming up to the cooking of the chickens. Observe how focused she was to her task…

This time round, benjamin prepared more chairs for the bbq. To that end, it was still barely enough and strangely it was arranged in a wierd manner. Does that remind you like … i dunno… a polyclinic!? They looked like they are waiting for thier turn to see the doctor. Oh and this time round they serve refreshments too!

Eileen and her assistance, trying hard to keep her cool, while she cook the stuff, using a paper plate as a crude fan. Such dedication!!

Looks like alot of people are waiting to see the doctor…

Group photo. How lovely.

Another Group Photo. But not very clear.

I find this photo super hilarious. For one thing when we were posing, there like 4 or 5 cameras that were about to shoot, and none of us knew which camera to focus on. So in the end you can see everyone’s eyeballs literally looking everywhere!

No comments~

Evans and Benjamin towering over gwen on the left and right side.

These photos were taken after most of the classmates have left. We were left with me, hock, allen [utterly drunk], dee, cher and evans.

Cher: Trust me! my boomerang is so small compared to yours! Im sooo jealous!

Dee: Oh stop it! Thank you! Youre flattering me! There is no way mine is as good as yours!

Cher: Oh dont be modest!

Dee: ~hahahahahh Snigger snigger *snort snort*~

Cher: ~hahahahah~

{that was just a joke}

This is allen, just before he got utterly drunk.

NEWFLASH~ A boy by the name of Allen was impaled to death by a sofa bed on Monday after a class bbq. Apparently he was drunk and crawled under the bed to have some sleep. But then Evans accidently sat on the bed and the legs of the bed gave way, instantly killing him. Police are still investigating the case, on whether there is any incident of foul play, since alcohol was involved.


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