The Waiting Game…

Second paper, Drug Development was okay i guess. Despite my lack of concentration in studying 2 days prior, i think i could have done better if not for the fact that i have to wait for a very important message from one of my lecturers. Damn that multiscale approach question was a tough nut to crack. Ah.. its over now.

So here i am waiting for an important message. But still nothing. With that, we still cant buy our airline tickets, and get our Visa done. I hope i get the news asap. Anyway, we were researching the flights of Qantas, and i realised that Qantas flies twice a day, everyday from Singapore to most cities in Australia. For perth, it will be flight 72 and 78.

72 departs at around 9am and arrives at arond 2pm, while flight 78 departs at 7pm and arrives the next day at 12 midnight. Since theres only 2 choices, its obvious that the former is better.

But the problem is we dunno the exact date in which we have to depart. So we cant do anything except sitting ducks. The waiting game is frustrating…

That aside, i came across a particularly unusual encounter on my way home.I was on the mrt train, It was crowded and upon arrival to Yishun mrt station, this big burly english guy entered the train. He was standing diagonally behind me on the left side, and i noticed he was making this strange burping noises and he was like panting all the way. And there is this faint sweet musty odour about him. That smell was familiar to me but i couldnt recall at that time. He kept on burping and making deep sighing noises, like he cant breathe or something.

Then it hit me. I instantly recognized the odour. IT WAS THE SMELL OF ALCOHOL!! Every breath he made was reeking of ALCOHOL! I took a sideways glance at him and my god…. for once i was worried. He looked like he was about to puke. UGH~ Being in a crowded train, i was right next me from behind and i had my bag on my left side. when i saw his condition, i was like praying feverishly…. please dont puke please dont puke.. not my bag.. please!!

I was highly fortunate that my stop arrived, and before i alight the train, he took a vacant seat and he was sooo drunk! He looked like he was about to crash!

Now why would he get drunk in the evening and board a train packed with passengers?

Oh by the way, Pluto aint a planet anymore. So now we have 8 planets. Thats history in the making. At least you have something to say to your grandchildren, on someting significant that happened in your life.

~2050  Where the borders between cyberspace and reality is non existent and google is still powerful ~
“Ah boy ah… you know ah… that last time got 9 planets, but during my time it was downgrade to 8”


“Goooooooooooogle it”


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