Onward to University of Western Australia, Perth!

The news was out yesterday through sms again. AK smsed me and i got the news that ill will be going to the University of Western Australia in Perth. I didnt know that I recieved that message till Shi Ming told me through msn to check my phone. And yeap, thats right, im going with Shi Ming.

I was shocked when i read the message, i mean for a moment there, i couldnt believe that this was happening in the first place. Im going on the 11th of September and already im thinking of soo many things to prepare and settle. Airline tickets, accomodation, passport, Visa, and all those personal things i need to settle before i fly off.

Looking a bit into the future, i think its gonna be an adventure. What more to enjoy with my good friend. Shi Ming. I think Perth is gonna be great, and i hope i get the best experience out of it. Id look forward to the university itself and get to know the university environment there. I hope i do ok. However, i must take note that this is NOT a holiday and there is work to do!!! But then again, i hope working in the lab in a foreign place, in a foreign school would be fun indeed. Must be disciplined! be prepared, expect the unexpected! Do whatever must be done, be inquisitive, ask!

Well, with that being said and done, i got a music video for you, entitled “a little pain” by Olivia Lufkin. I heared she’s half American and half Japanese. So she doesnt really look like a japanese person at all. She has a hint of ang moness in her. She looks a little bit like Natalie Imbruglia in my opinion. Its a japanese song, featured in this hit anime and manga series, Nana. Enjoy. For more info, visit this Website

For the Japanese and English Translation, go here


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