Where the Hell is Matt?/Where the Hell is Jasrie?

I came across this video on youtube and i find it pretty inspiring

It basically shows Matt, travelling around the world in all 4 corners of the globe, and as he travels, he recorded a small snipet of the location and his dancing as a testament that he has been there.
Its pretty awesome, because he travelled to lots and lots of places and im so jealous of him!

So after watching that, i was thinking and toying around with an idea. I can actually do that too!! And what better places than in Singapore by itself!

I think it would be fun if someone would record thier own dancing just like Matt, but showcasing all the malls in Singapore. There would be clips of Northpoint, Lot 1, Sun Plaza, Causewaypoint, Westpoint, Centerpoint, Ngee Ann City, Wisma Atria, Paragon, Lido, Wheelock Tower, Scotts, Tangs, Far East plaza, Heeren, the list are endless!!

If not malls, we can also do park, we have lots of those here in Singapore, or how about housing estates, or how about MRT stations! It can be anything!


2 thoughts on “Where the Hell is Matt?/Where the Hell is Jasrie?”

  1. haha.. the video is so cool… but ur idea hmm….sucks..BUT BUT .. YOU CAN STILL TRY. 1ST STOP: CONSIDER NYP

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