Concerning Revision

Some of my classmates were asking me to email Mr William How on what to study for his topics in MBID. Well i did, and it seems that he is out of office till the 16th of August i think. So i guess, we have to wait for his reply.

I wasnt that blatant in the email message that we wanted were clear cut tips on what to study for his topics. I just simply asked him on what to focus on and what are the things that we should anticipate for his topics, since we didnt really have a chance for a proper revision before the school ends.

Now that wasnt so bad right? I was so tempted to write in the email, “May we know the tips for your topics?” If i had done that, i think i might not get a reply after all. So right now, looks like we just have to wait.

As for the rest of the topics for MBID, ive written notes today and almost finishing up. Ill be using the notes for revision, but ill use the books for study. Heh, if that makes sense at all.

Ill be doing abit for Drug Development as well. 3 books, a case study and journal paper wrapup… sheesh, thats alot. Now i wonder if i should pay alittle more attention to this module? I didnt have any trouble in the past regarding Drug Development but it seems that there is a lot to study. Oh well, perhaps ill just read a little first and when the time comes, ill go full speed. Im worried about my SFG though, not a memorable module to say the least, so ill need to start on that right away. Proteomics a bit shaky, after what happened during the common test. Bugger…. I fear that there is a lot to memorise for that topic. Of all the modules, proteomics is THE module that im most dissociated with.

Why? Well lets just say… it wasnt really… brought forward to me that well.

Tomorrow tomorrow fun evening i garner. Eating out with friends. Im so psyche.


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