Grand Entry

What an entry!

Its around 1am and i finally decided to start a new blog. Why?

Having found out about WordPress, and getting the hang of it for the past 5 days or so, it occured to me that WordPress is indeed a very powerful, yet easy to use blogging system. Right now i find that WordPress is neat in its interface, intuitive and simple, without really bogging a person with html codings and stuff. Sure if you know them you can create a wonderful blog, but then again, i dont need those stuff. The features found in WordPress is sufficient to make my blog look really cool, without spending hours coming up with a perfect design and template and trying to fit everything in perfectly. No gimmick, just blog. I like thier approach in their whole blogging concept.

With that being said, i shall not write too many stuff on my first entry. It is merely an introduction.

But why a new blog?

Well for one thing, i think that im going on to a new phase in life, and that uncertainties lies ahead. While some people might blog stuff about thier favourite moments in life, i on the other hand prefer to blog stuff where i can write an account of my life, that would possibly be going through a rather bumby journey ahead. As for the happy memories i had, it would be kept close to my heart always. That would include, with friends, family, school in the past, all that rich history, i will treasure it and will never forget.


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