Last few days ive been following various coverages from various news agencies such as CNN, BBC, CNA and many more. The tragedy is just too hard to believe. Many people have died in the onslaught of the tsunamis, made by an earthquake under the sea.

Its been exactly one year that the same tragedy occured in Turkey, Bam. An earthquake leveled the whole city killing more than 60000 people. while it was based on an earthquake, a tsunami is a whole different story.

I still cannot believe what ive read and still shocked to see death tolls climbing higher and higher untill today, day 4 of the disaster, it has surpassed that death toll of those in turkey. It is sad to see many countries affected by this disaster and people from all walks of life are affected. Something that occured soo close to our very shores makes me wonder what do they deserve to be in this situation…

Every few hours i checked on yahoo news, i see the numbers of people dead rising and rising. If you were to calculate, 10 people die every minute for the past 4 days to reach that death toll. Its sickening to hear it.

But the least of all i can do to help them right here right now, is to give them something that they need. My family and I have given all our old clothes to the respective aid agency bound to sri lanka and that is the best i can do for them. With something on thier back, i hope that it gives them hope to see another day and that regardless of whether you are poor or not, everyone needs the will to survive. That i can give….


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