City of Heroes!

City of Heroes!!

Yes, finally ive bought it 2 weeks ago and im enjoying every single second the moment i log into the game!

This game was released sometime april 2004, but the official website was launched on january. I heard of this game sometime in january and was excited about the prospect of creating a hero of your choice from a myriad of superpowers and then going out to the city with other players and beating all the bad guys on the streets. The concept was fun to me and i was insanely interested in knowing more about the game. The most disspointing news was that it was soon going to be an online game with a subscription tagged to the game.

From then on, my hopes of playing this game was dashed. But i did not end there. The least i could do was to suggest to the developers of allowing players to purchase time cards as an alternative method of playing this game. A 60 day card was what i suggested to players who doesnt have a credit card and soon enough i was lucky that my post on the thier official forum was acknowledge.

But that was not enough. I knew that i wouldnt be able to play this game anytime soon because, 1) The game is not going to be released worldwide and for the game to be imported from US to Singapore, its going to take a while. Secondly, the april release was a bad timing of release. By the time the game arrived in Singapore, it was already june, and my poly school started already.

Now, finally, it has come, the time of reckoning! Ive bought the game and the time card and right now been playing ever since! My dream came true. My first ever subscription based online game that ive ever bought and played and ive certainly made the right decision. It was really fun and addictive.

So far ive created a hero, named Elektrogy. He is a Mutation/blaster, meaning that he is from a mutant background, much like the X-men and is a blaster, have a ranged energy superpower, the ability to unleash huge amounts of energy towards foes. I did not chose flight for him nor hover but i chose Jump. He was the super ability to jump at great distances.

Why i like this game:

The graphics are top notch in this game and it certainly beats other games in terms of the graphics. There are soo many things to see and the cities that you travel too all look real and alive and no 2 cities are the same! The buildings can be abit repetitive but it gives a solid feel that you are in the metropolis! The characters that people build are colourful, vivid and it certainly has the unique flavour in everyone’s character.

The gameplay is simple yet engaging. Although some might argue that in terms of content, there isnt much, but i beg to differ from a casual player’s point of view. The gameplay is simple and there arent much lvl grinding feel to the game. Yes i agree that acquiring xps to lvl up especially when you are higher lvl characters of the game feels tiresome but hey, forget about it and just have fun! There arent any items to buy or customisation of armour or swords or any other items ingame, like some fantasy games have, instead all you have to buy are enhancements to enhace your powers. Whats next? Get a group, help everyone out and kick some badass!! There is nothing more fun then to simply find a group, play the game together without worrying much about credits are items to be looted or whatever shit they have.

This game is extremely friendly towards newbies and casual players. Ive seen and tested other online games that are sooo boring and cold towards new players and casual players. I just hate the game where there is soo much competition of getting the best armour or sword or magical item available for loot and without any much thought for newbies. This game really makes sure that the team that you are with, every character has its purpose in the team and everyone can make sure that they are not a burden to the team. The best feature of this game is the incredible sidekick option. It basically allows a more powerful superhero to team up with a weaker one without having the weaker superhero being left out. Instead, by sidekicking him, you allow the weaker superhero to gain better xp through the powerful hero and temperory makes the weaker superhero’s character be more powerful. Its simply incredible. The sense of teamwork is soo engrossing that its painful to leave your team in the middle of a mission to do your daily errands.



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