BBQ, Adventure Camp, and Results!!

BBQ, Adventure Camp, and Results!!

Ok, a few days ago, our class had a bbq!! YAY! It was soo fun, even though, only half of us turned up, it was still really fun to be with those who turned up and i really appreciate them being able to attend this bbq that was planned.

Anyways, me mizael, you sheng, and eileen went to the condominium, sun haven early to store all the food there in advance. We went there about 2 hours earlier than the rest. Christine Ong, our comm skills teacher was kind of her to buy us lunch and allow us to be in her home and all, seeing her cute little kids. It was a great day. Later in the afternoon, even though it rained, the bbq still continued and we cooked lots of stuff like satay, chicken wings, sausages, sotong balls, crab meat and many more. then some of use tried using the condominium’s pool and hot jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi was GREAT!!! It was my first time in a hot jacuzzi and it really soothes my tensed muscles. I ate alot during the bbq and there is still ALOT of food left anyway, because lots of us didnt turned up.

I shouldnt be saying this but, we actually bought enough for at least 23 mouths to feed, the money spent was just enough if we collected from everyone in the class. However, we went over budget and hoping that those who did not pay would pay up sooner of later. 40 bucks was out from my very own pocket. To tell you the truth im a little pissed off, and to those who did not attend and is reading this, i hope that you at least feel the guilt no matter how small, that my very own pocket money was spent on you guys in advance for your sake. Your lack of compassion and your own selfish thoughts has made my precious 40 bucks, a week of meals down the drain. Im not forcing you to pay up, but remember this, there are some people who really go to great lengths to provide you with whatever you need and its you who are unable to see it.

Yesterday we had and adventure camp organised by our school, for our class. That day, only our class was supposed to be having this adventure camp. You know what, it didnt turned out as expected. Adventure camp, you now, there were supposed to be high elements stuff and lots of physical challenges. However, we played some simple games and nothing that demanding. In the end, it ended very early, like 2 or 3 pm instead of the stated 5pm or later. During that day, i also had a pals meeting. We were told out post in the committee and i was in the sub-committee. I am the Assistant Welfare Officer for SCL. Ok nothing too big, and i just have to wait and see what happens after that in the future.


Today i recieved my results. I WAS TERRIFIED! But alas!! It was not bad afterall! There were some hits and misses lemme do a simple rundown of my results.

Firstly! My maths!! I thought i was going to fail 100% this time but i got a D!! Certainly im sure that the markers of this maths paper gave my a blind eye for this one. But im still really greatful that i dont have to repeat this dreadful module anymore…

2 modules were expected (hit): Comm skills and Micrbiology A. I got an A and a Distinction respectively. The distinction part was a surprise.

IMB was a miss: I thought i could get an A but i ended up B+ a minor grade a way from my target. Im sure that ive i studied harder before the exam, i could get an A which ever it is.

Physical chemistry was hit: Yeap, i got a C for my ICA but miraculously, after focusing on that module quite a lot, the effort payed off. I but not only a B but a B+.

Inorganic was miss: I couldnt believe that i got a C+ for the module. My expectations all along was a B at least. But nothing can be changed now. looking back, the results of physical chem and inorganic chem is a total opposite.

Japanese was a hit: I got a B for my ICA and i was very nervous doing the paper during the exam and from then on, i knew that i couldnt get an A, so i lowered my expectations and it came out true.


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