Okok.. so ive not been updating my blog for quite a while. I dunno but there seems to be a dip in my inspiration in writing my blog. Well, here goes…

Alot of things has happened after the first day of the PAL Camp. On the second day, we did treasure at Orchard Road. It was quite fun, i must say that this my first time in a series of treasure hunts that ive done, to be played at none other than orchard road! Its ok lah.. despite the flaws here and there.

Third day was nothing much, just feedback session, after that go home.

Yesterday was the day i realised that i lost my OCBC ATM card. And on the day, i realised that ive lost that card for 2 days now, without realising…

It happened on the second day of camp, when i was about to make a deposit of 100 bucks in one of the ocbc branch at norhtpoint. Before going for the camp, i actually stopped by Yishun. I was depositing the money and after that i left the machine without taking back my card. It was only yesterday that i realised that i lost the card. Panicked, i immediately called the customer service hotline, 1800 363 3333 if i can still remember. I enquired about what to do when i lost the card. The sweet and polite lady at the other end of the phone, kept me calm all the time and told me thouroughly what she was about to do when i lost the card. She did some background check on my and some basic verification verbally, like you IC number and the kinds of transaction that you made the past few days, sort of like a test to ensure that im the real person who is the one who lost the card. She then told me then the card, if ever found, will be given back to you and while the card is out there somewhere, the card will be hotlisted, meaning that the card will be rendered useless so that any person who encounters my card will not be able to use the card, for extra protection. However, the card if found will be returned within 7 working days and i couldnt wait 7 days, because i need the money soon enough. I asked her if its possible if i could get a new one, and she said yes, with a replacement fee of 5 bucks. Since i was at the branch itself, and the bank open and me sorely needed the money, i decided to make a new one. When i made a new one, she told me that she would not need to do a retrieval service and the card if ever found will be rendered useless permanently… PHEW!!

Today went to malaysia to visit my grandfather. Woke up at 6 am in the morning, went to my grandmothers place at 8 at Marsiling. then we head off to Masai, Johor. The trip there was not that bad. My dad got a new car a week before and we drove up to malaysia, about an hours drive away and the car was FANTASTIC! Smooth journey all the way, good soundsystem, and extremely stable. Hyundai Getz!! YEAH! Yellow. Going back was hell. The customs was CONGESTED! It took 3 hours just to clear both sides. We spent about 2 hours just to reach to the malaysian customs and another hour in the teeny weeny stretch of water seperating malaysia and singapore. 1 hour just to covered 1 kilometer. I was about to shout in rage!!!


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