Selamat Hari Raya!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Yay!! Hari Raya has come!! Yesterday all my relatives were at my grandma’s house and it was great to see all my relatives there! We ate, and talked and took pictures and talk somemore. This year, we didnt go to many houses but nevertheless i still got ang pao!! heheehe!!

Today, my relatives from my fathers side came to my house and my mum cooked a wonderful feast, lots of food for all of them. It was great to get in touch once more with my cousins from my dad’s side. Haiz.. such good memories. NvM! Chinese New year! Get more angpao! This time, instead of them coming to my house, we will go to one of my relative’s new condominium! So exciting! So many angpao! lol!!

Today, i just discovered something: The long awaiting new Gregorian, Masters of Chants album is finally out!! Its their 5th album so far and ive got all the other 4 already. I must get the new album. Die die must get ah!! Ive illegally downloaded the whole album of the new album but dont worry… ill get the original one soon when i see it on any album stores. You know whats the theme of the new album? ROCK!! YES!! The new albums features rock songs from many reknown artists from old and new!! Old artistes like Doors, The Aphrodite, and many more, while new ones featuring, Evenescence, My Immortal and The Rasmus, In The Shadows! The new album’s new compilation of rock songs are really wonderful and its a surprise twist that they make a rock album this time, considering that the arrangement for all the previous songs are gregorian chants. Its really wonderful and im hearing it right now. The previous album has a special french song, but this new album has a new german song, entitled Engels. My favourite track thus far, very rock! The album name: Gregorian, The Dark Side! Wow, finally, it has been released!


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