Thank you…


This is the second time im writing this and this toopid blog doesnt update. Anyway again!

hmm… What did i say just now?

Oh ya, before i begin, i just want to say thank you mizael for clearing my doubts about myself and providing a good and enlightening conversation with him. Thank you!

“Nobody knows who I really am,

Maybe they just don’t give a damn

But if i ever need someone to come along,

I know you would follow me and keep me strong.”

Anyway, you now this fasting month and all, Ive come up a list of places and food to eat and savour once this fasting month is over.

Sakae sushi! Chicken Teriyaki Bento

Ramen Ten! Try many types of ramen!

Nasi Lemak at Adam Road




Fish & Co.!! Grilled Salmon!!

Desa Kartika!

Swensen! Apple Crumble!!

Haagen Daz!!!

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel!

Starbucks Coffee!! Frappocino with caramel and whipcream!!

Durian Puffs!!

Famous Amos!! ARGH!!

okok enough or im going to have to excercise soo much harder just to maintain my weight and shape.

anyway, to all non muslims out there, i just want to share somethign with you.

As you know, during the fasting month, we buy dates to eat as part of our nutritional diet, because it provides us with lots of energy and other nutritional supplements that we may lack during that month.

There is many types of dates, shrivelled, juicy, fat, golden yellow, ultra black, look like kazhuak, some dunno look like what, small, big, sweet, not soo sweet. But my favorite is and there is only one type that are like.

It is… drumrollll…. Dates with almonds!!

Yes!! Dates with almonds. What do i mean by that, i dunno whether those dates are genetically engineered or what, but i dont care. The point is that instead of the seeds that you have to spit it out after you eat you dates, they substitute the seeds with almonds in the dates!! Its sooo delicious. The sweetness of the dates couple with the crunchiness and nutty tastes of the almonds! It can really melt tastebuds, and you can almost hear them saying “we want more we want more” Really, its that delicious!! Furthermore, its really easy to eat. Just pop in your mouth and and viola! Everything is edible!!

However those dates are really expensive dates and it can be quite hard to come by. Normally you would buy 500g of normal dates worth 4 to 6 bucks a pack? or even less at the supermarket. But those special dates cost 12 to 14 bucks per 500g!! ITs really expensive. However, to all non muslim friends out there, if you want something unique and sort of a once is a year delicacy, like mooncakes, GET YOURSELF A PACK! You wont regret it!


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