General Blabbering…


Today, i studied my Inorganic Chemistry practical in the afternoon and then abit on the Japanese roleplay. At night, i studied alittle bit on Microbiology Practical.

Anyway, nothin much goes on today. It was boring. I lead a truely boring life. So boring…

Just now for fun, i did a comprehensive stock take on my collection of animes. All the dvds and cds that ive burn for the anime. Guess what? I have a total of 55 different titles as of today, 11 of which are still incomplete, still downloading and waiting for latest releases of it. Wow, i didnt know i have this much titles of anime. Im soo proud of it…

If i were to combine calculate the number of eps downloaded from ALL the animes, it would total approximately…. ~drumroll~ 1300 episodes!!!

YES!! ive downloaded approximate 1300 eps of anime from the internet!

you see… the internet is a powerthing medium. With great power, comes great responsibility… NOT!!! muahha!!

Although ive downloaded that much, i still have not watched half of what ive downloaded. This is means that i download faster than i can watch.. lol!!!

I couldnt list them here right now, as my handwritten list is still not alphabatized yet. According to website and its list of 100 top anime of all time based on viewer’s ratings, i have 33 titles out of the top 100 listed on that website. Which means that 33 that i possessed are actually the top 100 animes of all time.

Ya i forgot, today, day 2 of my fasting and today my parents ordered for me Chicken Teriyaki Pizza from Pizza Hut!! Yum yum!! I finished the whole pan that serves 2 to 3 person with the chicken drumroll and a kfc chicken that my mum couldnt finish. Talk about hunger! ooh.. very satisfying… I did it without sweat…


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