New phone! New Movie Review! Renewed life!!


New phone! New Movie Review! Renewed life!!

YIPPIE!! I got my new phone!! The Sony Ericsson K700i!! YESYESYES!! Finally after more than 3 years of possessing the old phone, its time for a new makeover!

The K700i isnt the best in everything nor the stylish or most expensive in town. Got it after 3 months in the market, i must say that K700i and me instantly “click” the moment i saw it being showcased. From that moment on, i knew that the k700i has that X factor that i have been waiting for.

Modest in terms of features and a little pricey, the features in the phone are just perfect for my current use. Its sylish design and with neat features offers me a wide range of usage and flexiblity. VGA camera, video recording capabilities, audio recording capabilities, radio, mp3 player, large screen and a 40 mb memory all packed into a phone. Ive signed up for WAP and GPRS and not to mention got a free bluetooth wireless headset that comes as a package. I also bought the usb cable to hook up to my phone with the pc, so that i dont have to use WAP or GPRS to download contents like wallpapers and ringtones, i download to the computer and then to the phone. Its that simple and saves a lot of money. Up to now ive already loaded lots of funny tunes in my phone and some wallpapers that ive grabbed from my collection of pictures in my pc. Its accompanying softwares like mms home studio, image editor and audio editor give me extra flexiblity to edit pictures as well as music, be it midi, mp3 of wav. When im satisfied all i need is a click of a button and viola! the content is inside the phone! Its soo cool! I really like the phone.

Ok enough of me bragging about the phone.

A few days ago, i watched White Chicks:


One phrase to describe this movie: Its FREAK-ING hilarious!!

What do you get when you cross 2 black cops disguising as 2 rich white bitches? LOADS OF LAUGHTER!

When i watched this movie, i really cant stop laughing from the begining of the movie, right till the end of it. In my seat i was laughing my hearts out.

The story goes like this. This 2 black cops previously had an assignment to catch a drug dealer. However thier cover was blown, since they caught the wrong person and in the end, didnt manage to catch the real person. On the verge of being fired by the polic chief, they seek out to once again prove themselves that they are the best team in the police department. Given another assignment, a meager one which is to escort this 2 rich girls, sister in relation from the airport to the hotel. However, they were involved in a minor accident and both the girls face had cuts and bruises. Stunned, the girls refused to go to numerious prestigeous auction party, balls, and also shopping while showing they beautiful scarred faces to the media, the 2 black cops called in a professional make up artist and prosthetics surgeons to transformed them into white chicks, much like the original ones. They have to do it or face a sack from the chief because, the girls have to be present in all the events and also to lure a kidnapper that has threatened the girls.

And thus the story goes one how to managed to keep it under cover, all the while dressing like girls and acting like them, in a bitchy sort of way and its totally hilarious! Some of the actions that they do were soo unpredictable and this movie is really a refresher from all the action movies that ive watch. this comedy is a must watch!

I give this movie a 4 out of 5.


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