Results! Not too bad.. not too good either.


Results! Not too bad… not too good either.

Yesterday the results were up. I went to check and after that, i got mixed reactions. First of all, my aim for results was to get at least 2 A’s and 2 B’s in the 4 core modules. They are IMB, Microbiology, Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

A’s were Microbiology and IMB, and this was expected as i could do the paper without much difficulty. For the inorganic chem and physical chem, i didnt set myself too high a goal. All i want was a B in both of the modules. However, i got a C for my physical chem. I missed my goal! I wasnt too happy about my results neither was i too dissapointed too. In the end, im “kinda” satisfied with my results and it makes me realised that i need to concentrate more on physical chemistry.

As for my elective, which is Japanese language, i expected to get a B, since i didnt put extra effort in aiming for an A in the begining for this semester. I feel that i just need to work alittle harder to anticipate more challenges in Japanese class right now to at least maintain that grade.

For maths, results were not up yet. It would be a miracle if i could get a D. But i think most likely i would fail. Anyways, i must start to really put some effort at the already faltering effort ive put in my maths. ARGH! I hate maths soo much! Its not the teacher, its my ineptability to grasp the concept in maths! Certainly one part of my brain is seriously weak in processing mathematical questions.

“Whispers everywhere, for I know naught. Seeds of deceit is taking root. Shadows of treachery and betrayal are on every corner. I must be wary…”


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